Mike Pouncey Being Investigated for Assault

The Palm Beach Post is reporting injured Dolphins center Mike Pouncey is being investigated for an assault that took place at a night club between 4am-5am this morning. Pouncey and his twin brothers allegedly beat a man up very badly.

If this is story ends up being true (and with Pouncey's history odds are that it is) the Dolphins really need to step up and do something. It might be time to cut ties with the Pro Bowl center. Between his involvement in the "Bullygate scandal," being subpoenaed by the federal government for being a central figure in a gun trafficking ring (an investigation that is still open by the way,) his tweets about making Dolphins rookie JuWaun James buy him things this year (joke or not it was stupid,) Mike supporting a killer in Aaron Hernandez by wearing FREE HERNANDEZ hats in public, tweeting out pictures of his home where he has an Aaron Hernandez framed jersey hanging in his house, and on top of all of that being injured and out for the first 4-6 games of the year but yet still hanging out at a nightclub at 5am...it's time to move on. Mike Pouncey is a joke. A clown. A fool. Someone who clearly takes for granted what being a professional athlete is. Guilty or not of this recent story (again, safe bet he is guilty) the Dolphins have to grow a spine and just cut ties with this jerk.Mike Pouncey is a bad human being. He is impossible to root for as a fan. If the Dolphins offensive line struggles without him, so be it. He gives the entire franchise a black eye and makes the Dolphins look like a bigger joke than they already are sometimes. Time to CUT MIKE POUNCEY!

Of course, today's latest charge could be false and he could be innocent...but I doubt it!