Fins hire Former Jets GM Mike Tannembaum as a "Consultant"

Multiple outlets are reporting the Dolphins have hired former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum as a "consultant." To translate that this means he is a GM in waiting for when Philbin/Hickey fail and are let go. The Fins now will have someone already on payroll ready to take over and not miss a beat.

Let's translate what a "consultant" really stands for; it is a GM in waiting. Dawn Aponte is very close with Tannenbaum from the time they spent together in NY when she was with the Jets. Aponte now in a position of supreme power with the Dolphins has her eyes looking forward long-term. With more news of suspensions today and clowns like Mike Pouncey always making headlines for the wrong reasons; Aponte knows Philbin and Hickey won't be long for this job. And having Tannenbaum on the payroll and able to have inside knowledge of the Fins cap situation, contracts, and have complete access it will make any transition very smooth when the day comes the organization pulls the trigger on Hickey and Philbin.