"Big Boss Ross" got it right

The last time I remember a scandal this big, rocking the NFL world was...Oh yeah, last year's bullying scandal with the Miami Dolphins. 

And as much as the fan-base and local media like to mock owner Stephen Ross for his poor football decisions like the orange carpet, making celebrities part owners, chasing Jim Harbaugh across the country and then extending Sparano after chasing Jim Harbaugh across the country, Stephen Ross got it right when it came to suspending Richie Incognito. 

Jon Martin left the team on Wednesday October 30th. The Dolphins won a Thursday night, Halloween overtime thriller against the Cincinnati Bengals and on Sunday November 3rd, Richie Incognito was suspended indefinitely by the team - not the NFL. 

A week later the owner of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross, stood in front of the local and national media and took direct questions. Granted, Coach Philbin did address the situation during an after practice press conference but the fact of the matter is Stephen Ross stepped up and was accountable for his franchise. He even explained that his silence, "in terms of talking to the press", was because he was "waiting for all the facts to come in." 

"When this all happened, when it broke, when I heard the news, I also reached out to the NFL because I knew an investigation had to take place. I called (NFL Commissioner) Roger (Goodell) and told him because I thought if we did an investigation, we wouldn't have the credibility, because people would think we're just looking for an answer. So having an independent investigation, I thought, was very important."

We are talking about one of Miami's only Pro Bowl players on the roster at the time. A pretty good offensive lineman on a team that has been having offensive line issues since Richmond Webb and Keith Sims were on the team. And Stephen Ross acted swiftly and decisively. There is no doubt the offensive line play suffered without having Incognito on the team. The Dolphins gave up a total of 58 sacks last year, which I believe was a franchise record. 

Players on the 49ers, Ravens, and Panthers have serious allegations against them. Much more serious than any rookie hazing or bullying accusations. Yet we have not heard from the ownership of any of these three organizations. 

As far as the Vikings go, owner Zygi Wilf issued a statement on the Adrian Peterson situation today in front of the media and immediately after was "exit stage left". Instead he left his brother and GM Rick Spielman to face the firing squad. Mark Wilf looked like a deer caught in headlights. 

Stephen Ross definitely had to bump his head a few times while learning to be an NFL owner, but when his team was in crisis he was out in front of the problem and did the right thing from the beginning.