My Saturday with Omar

Those of you who follow me on Twitter  you probably saw a heated conversation between myself and Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Saturday morning around 10 am or so. While it can be tough to carry on such a conversation tweeting on your cell phone and being restricted to 140 characters let me give you a quick re-cap of the conversation and explain in longer form why this conversation got a bit heated and both myself and Omar dug in deep on our stances.

It started off simply with Omar Kelly claiming that the Brandon Marshall "FOOTBALL LIFE" episode on the NFL Network this past week was eye opening and recommended people to set their DVR's to watch it. To translate Omar felt it was a "must watch."  I saw that tweet and responded with it was a "fluff piece" which in my opinion it clearly was after viewing it the other night. Knowing the details of Brandon Marshall's past after watching this episode of "FOOTBALL LIFE" dedicated to Brandon I can say without any shadow of a doubt the NFL Network glossed over, skipped over, and flat out ignored a lot of details that occurred in Brandon Marshall's life that let's just say paint him in a bad light. To me it was a total fluff piece and while an interesting watch in some regards it was hardly must-see.

Well I guess King Omar Kelly disagreed and in King Omar's world there is no such thing as "agreeing to disagree"because Omar just opens up with a full front on attack. Claiming I know nothing about BPD how he is an expert and I have no credentials to talk on the matter and he just went on and on. Yes, not only is Omar an expert on football, and expert on BPD, he is also a mind-reader who is telling me over twitter what I do and don't know about BPD. And is telling me I have "limited knowledge."I'm saying to myself this joker is flat out making stuff up because he doesn't know what I do or don't know about BPD. I then pointed out to Omar while yes I know he had someone very close to him in his life who suffered from BPD I also had someone close to me who suffered with it as well and I am versed on the matter. I also pointed out that he nor I are doctors or experts on the subject but can both have an opinion on the matter.

Well not in Omar's world because he went on about how I am judging Brandon and blah blah blah blah, and who am I to judge anyone...blah blah blah blah blah. And that I think I have all the answers. Which I never said, in fact I said I am not a doctor or an expert just giving my opinion on my first hand experience on the matter. What Omar doesn't realize is that he is also judging Marshall by giving him the benefit of the doubt and being quick to forgive Brandon for all of his transgressions in the past. And accepting at face value Brandon is a "changed person." And newsflash Omar: You don't have all the answers either! You blindly defending Marshall and accepting at face value he is a changed man is just as bad as someone ripping Marshall claiming he isn't a changed man. I mean Omar doesn't think about the victims of Marshall's past, he just doesn't want anyone to judge Brandon Marshall. Like he has a man-crush on him or something.

So it became silly and at times childish back and forth between me and Omar saying you are no expert and I responded with you are no expert. Which then resorted to Omar pointing out my typos, cause ya know "tweeting" on a cell phone in a moving car I guess I am supposed to not have any errors, And because I mis-Tweeted or it was auto-corrected BPD to BDP....that means everything I said is negated and I no longer am allowed to have an opinion that he shall consider. Yes, the beat reporter of an NFL team actually sunk to this level. He began pointing out typo's when he couldn't come back and support his stance. I am sure Shirley Povich was rolling over in his grave at that very moment.

Then I pointed out that ESPN E:60 recently did a piece on Brandon Marshall in a similar way to the NFL Network piece and Brandon went public being very upset with ESPN and their story on him. Brandon lashed out in the media at ESPN. I pointed out to Omar that he did that because ESPN gave  full and accurate details of all of Brandon's off the field trouble and didn't sugar coat or cover up anything. Didn't gloss over or ignore any of the details and told a true story. I said ESPN didn't do a "fluff piece" like the NFL Network did. Well Omar took that as me taking a shot at him as a journalist. His response was something to the effect of journalism is my field and you know nothing about that to make that statement. That's right because I don't write for a newspaper every day I am not allowed to have an opinion on if a TV piece is a fluff piece or not. In Omar's world nobody who isn't a journalist is allowed to have that opinion on that matter. Mind you Omar just so ya know 11 years ago the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and Alex Marvez came to me for a quote to be a part of a story they were doing. Are my credentials good now? CLICK HERE

Oh but this gets better. Omar then says I shouldn't question him as a journalist (which by the way I wasn't) because he has had two, yes two universities ask him to help build their course work for their journalism department. Now, I read that and say, ok name the schools. And of course Omar comes back with something to the effect of stay out of my business. Newsflash for Omar, anyone can make a wild claim on the internet but unless you back it up and are able to support it, then its bullshit in the eyes of myself and many. And many readers were very quick to point that out to Omar that if you aren't going to name the schools then nobody can take you at face value. And it was pointed out to Omar by many that you just spent 30-45 minutes grilling me about my credentials to even talk about let alone have an opinion on BPD and Brandon Marshall and want me to open up my life to the world but when asked to name the  two universities that offered you a position you refuse to answer?  Pot meet Mr. Kettle! 

Here is the long and short of this...

1) You don't need to be Dan Rather, Anderson Cooper, or Brian Williams to call a report a "fluff piece" if it is a "fluff piece." Any non-reporter is allowed to have that opinion when they see a story on TV or in the newspaper that ignores facts and doesn't tell the whole story.

2) The reason Brandon Marshall was mad at ESPN for the story they did on him a week or so ago was because it was a honest account and it brought out all of the old skeletons he has in his closet. They talked about the fork stabbing, the murder, the multiple arrests for DUI/DWI, the multiple arrests for domestic violence. Brandon Marshall has a police record the size of the San Diego telephone book and ESPN didn't skip one incident.  The reason Brandon wasn't mad at the NFL Network was because it was a "fluff piece" and covered up all of his skeletons and didn't mention 1/3rd of them and the ones they did mention they just glossed over and gave it like 10 seconds of air-time if that. Don't believe me, watch both the pieces.

3) I think in Omar's wold he believes he is the only person who has been effected by BPD. And nobody else can talk on the matter. Jason Cole of Yahoo opened up that his father has BPD and he had opinions on it. I had a close friend who suffered from it and saw the ups and downs they went through. I also had someone tweet me saying BPD is the easiest mental illness to fake since there is no real way to prove it and their relative is in the field that covers BPD. Which leads me to the point I made from the beginning, that Omar isn't a doctor on the matter and no more of an expert than myself, Jason Cole, or anyone else who has had a family member or friend who suffered from it. Has he read more books on BPD than myself or others, I don't know maybe. And if so, still doesn't make you an expert. I can read books on how to fly a plane, that doesn't make me a pilot. We all have known someone with the disorder and I am sure all of our experiences have been similar in many ways but different in other ways. That's why when Omar is so quick to discount anyone with an opinion on the matter it is he Omar who turns into a hypocrite. The man who claims he doesn't "judge people" does just that "judge people."

4) Omar a little memo to ya; learn to "agree to disagree" and just let it go. You kept this twitter conversation this morning going on and on and on when all it was is two people disagreeing on a subject. Your opinion isn't gospel. Because you are a reporter doesn't give you the right to just disregard others opinions on news/TV reports and BPD.  And Omar if you must have a complex with the whole "who is and who isn't a journalist" thing because you kept bringing it up. I never claimed to be a journalist. But non-journalists are allowed to have an opinion too. Don't twist an ankle getting off your high horse because your opinion doesn't carry more weight than anyone else's when it comes to things like BPD. And if social media is so bad that non-journalists are allowed to spew stuff, why in the hell are you arguing with fans on Twitter? I mean if every non-journalist on twitter is a moron and beneath you in your eyes (as you are so quick to point out) why even bother conversing with us? I don't see Michael Wilbon or John Feinstein spending 30-45 min arguing and name-calling with people on Twitter...just sayin!

5) IF two universities did offer you jobs to help build their journalism program, that's great. Not sure I believe it since you won't back up the claim and name the schools, but if true I am happy for ya. But I guarantee it wasn't the Newhouse School or any big-time respected journalism school because how you acted today on Twitter was totally unprofessional for a journalist on every level.

This isn't a total knock on Omar Kelly. He is a good  beat reporter who does provide accurate news to the fans about the Dolphins. He works hard and it is interesting to read his work. I am not knocking the guy's work in any way shape or form.  Adam Beasley is also good as is Andrew Abramson they all do good work. Chris Perkins....not so much (I joke I joke, we love Perkins.) But the bigger point is Omar, don't have a thin skin. Don't be a Twitter-Troll and be able to walk away from a debate understanding your opinion isn't the gospel and it's OK to agree to disagree!

In Closing I love ya Omar and enjoy reading your work and it was a spirited debate Saturday morning. And in the spirit of the Ice Buckett challenge if you are this 5 years of education and 2 decades of training (not sure how that math works but I will go with it since it was his words) and experience in 3 fields of journalism,  I challenge you to maybe not be a Twitter Troll to us lowly bloggers and losers who make our livings not being a journalist covering a football team. Maybe stay above the fray and just look down your nose on us and not give us the time of day. Because I hate to tell you Omar you came off looking badly this morning and not like a respected journalist. So if you are going to interact and argue and act like a fourth grader pointing out typo's with us "fans" or "bloggers" expect to be associated with us and not your real peers.

Enjoy the game Sunday!


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