Sad Prediction For a Sad Team

The Dolphins have started 2014 off pretty much the same way they ended 2013. They beat New England and then got blown out of the next two games. Last week they lost at home to an 0-2 team missing at least 7 starters. More was expected out of this team this season.

The Raiders are 0-3, about where everyone expected, but they haven’t been terrible. They played well in New England last week only allowing 16 points and nearly tying the game at the end.

The Dolphins seem to be playing with no intensity, constantly making mistakes. Sometimes I think Ryan Tannehill looks lost. He seems to be regressing in his third year and I think his stats show that. It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out how to throw long to Mike Wallace, throw it as high and far as you can and let Wallace run to it, but he is STILL trying to finesse the ball to him.

I’m starting to buy into the opinion of a lot of fans that Joe Philbin is clueless when it comes to being an NFL head coach. He hasn’t learned clock management yet, that much is certain. He started an unnecessary QB controversy this week. Too many things that don’t seem like they are going to change.

The Raiders will be looking to run the ball with Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones Drew. The Dolphins have had problems stopping the run and with Randy Starks out, it will be that much harder.

The Dolphins continue their downward spiral….
Oakland 20  Miami 13