Tannehill gets popped; Intensity

With about ten and half minutes left in the first quarter the pocket collapsed around Tannehill because of an inside rush from DT Kyle Williams (He was man handling Smith). Tannehill stepped and leaned forward only to receive a vicious lick from LB Brandon Spikes.

Last week against the Patriots Tannehill took a hit to the chin by Chandler Jones. He's a tough kid but he can not keep getting hit like that.

The offensive line got leaky against the Bills giving up four sacks. The Bills had success rushing just four defenders and didn't need to blitz. Obviously the line will be much better with the return of Mike Pouncy but they need to tighten up. Dallas Thomas did a decent job filling in for Smith in the third quarter due to injury.

LT Brandon Albert gave some perspective after the game. "It's an early season. We didn't play well today but we got fourteen games left to play."


The Bills were intense the entire game and the fans gave the 12th man in Seattle a run for their money with their noise and intensity. It was loud. The Dolphins did not counter.

When Moreno was led into the locker room after injuring his elbow in the first quarter he took the Dolphins' toughness with him.

Other observations

The defense played well and only gave one or two big plays. Sammy Watkins essentially threw the ball at the pylon after it was knocked out by Brent Grimes. That's a touchback, Miami ball.

Tannhill missed a wide open Wallace and a wide open Matthews. Both could have been for scores. Are we seeing a trend here or what?

But he did throw a nice fade to Wallace's back shoulder for the touchdown. No doubt Wallace made a great grab but the throw was outside away from the defender.

Lamar Miller is consistent at one thing...dropping passes. 

(Pic Source: NFL Game Rewind)