Toughness; Moreno randomly drug tested after Dolphins win on Sunday

That's the word I would use to describe the Dolphins win over that Patriots on Sunday.

Just some quick observations that illustrate the toughness Miami showed this weekend:

-Overcame three turnovers in the first half and still won.

-Entire starting linebacker unit on the sideline due to injury. (Who didn't think disaster had struck when the Dolphins turned the ball over three times in the first half and lost Misi and Ellerbe?)

-Patriots were cut blocking the Dolphins D-lineman a lot and they still kept Tom Brady and the Patriots offense in check.

-The Moreno effect. Knowshon Moreno was running like a man possessed. He ran down hill, nailed the hole when it opened, broke tackles, and kept his legs churning on his way to gaining 134 yards on the ground. He can act whatever way he wants on game day if he's going to put up numbers like that (According to Andrew Abramson from the Palm Beach Post, Moreno was randomly selected for a drug test after the game.)

-The team seemed to feed off of Moreno's energy; in particular Mike Wallace. He had great energy, beat Revis all over the field (he was always open), and even lowered his shoulder after a catch to drive into the defender instead of running out of bounds. We have not seen that Mike Wallace before.

-Tannehill got popped pretty good by C. Jones in the second half and stayed in the game. Teammates see that.

Not so positive observations:

-Tannehill still inaccurate and inconsistent.

-The Patriots converted a 3rd and 10 on their own five yard line. Unacceptable.

-Too many men on the field penalty? Really?

-Dropped balls all over the place.