Dolphins vs Bears PREVIEW

Crossroads game for the Dolphins this week. The Fins at 2-3 must travel to Chicago and a loss here and the Dolphins playoff hopes begin to slip away. It's going to take a 10-6 record to either win the AFC East or get a Wild Card spot, and having 4 losses by mid-October would be as close to a death nail as you can get. Especially with road games vs Denver and New England still on the schedule as well as a home game with San Diego. Oh, let's not also forget 3 more games with the Jets and Bills who seem to have Miami's number in recent years. Being at 2-4 is not good, so this weeks game is important.

WHEN MIAMI HAS THE BALL: The Bears have a very talented offense so how to you beat them; keep that offense on the sideline. Miami must take a ball control approach this week and run the football successfully. It will be Miller Time this week and the Fins should give Miller 20+ carries. And when not running Miller the Dolphins should use a short passing game to also stay in "ball control" mode. I know everyone is dying to see Wallace catch a deep long pass but this isn't the week to be forcing that play. It's about winning the time of possession battle, protecting the football, and keeping Cutler and company on the sideline.Also I think this is the week Charles Clay finally breaks out and makes a big play or two. He has done nothing all season and I think if Miami designs a play or two for him it could be successful. The key as always when it comes to the Dolphins is the offensive line. While you can point the finger at a lot of things for last weeks loss to the Packers it was the poor offensive line play that really lost the game. Don't believe me, go re-watch that game and you will see every o-linemen get beat on a consistent basis and the Fins final drive was an utter failure because of the o-line play alone. The offensive line must play better for Miami to stay competitive this week let alone have a shot at winning.

WHEN CHICAGO HAS THE BALL: This team is a match-up nightmare for Miami. Jeffrey, Marshall, and Bennett are big tall pass catchers and Miami's secondary is short and small. Finnegan is the only CB with any size and well, he has been poor this year. He might not even play this week due to injuries as well. So, when you are over-matched in the secondary how to you counter-act that....get pressure on the QB. Don't give him time and don't give the WR's time to get deep and get open. Kevin Coyle should be blitzing early and often this week. Blitz every play and don't stop blitzing. Matt Forte has been a beast at times this year for the Bears and the Dolphins will have their hands full with him.

PREDICTION: This game will swing the Dolphins season. They win and they are still alive in the AFC East and for an AFC Playoff birth. They lose and well it looks like another 7 or 8 win season and this will be Joe Philbin's last year in Miami and a new Head Coach and GM could be on the way. The blueprint for a Miami win is simple, I laid it out above. Executing it will be much more difficult. I think if Miami was playing almost any other team this week they would bounce back and most likely win. I just think the Bears are a match-up nightmare for the Dolphins at the end of the day. CHICAGO 31  MIAMI 21 


  1. Not looking too bad at halftime. Should have more points, but the defense is playing well.


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