More Questionable Decisions by Philbin

Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers was another one of those games filled with head scratching decisions by head coach Joe Philbin. Without rehashing them all, I think the biggest blunder he made was his time out on the Packers winning drive on 4th and 10. Personally, I think that call cost Miami the game.

Why that call? Well, on 3rd and 9, the defense stripped Aaron Rodgers of the ball on a sack. The Packers recovered for a 1 yard loss. The defense was on it's game. The Packers were on their heels. It was 4th and 10, about 1:30 left, the clock was running and Green Bay had no time outs. They had no choice but to try to regroup and run a play on 4th and 10. But wait! Here comes an early Christmas present courtesy of Joe Philbin!

Now you've given one of the best QB's in the NFL a chance to regroup. A chance to take a breather and talk to his coaches about what they want to do. More time to set up the play. The defense was on fire but now you've cooled them down a bit. I've read others opinion on this and some don't think it was a bad time out, but I do. My opinion is the pressure is all on Green Bay. After a sack, fumble and loss of a yard, you MAKE them run a play. You LET the defense pin their ears back and get after him again. They didn't need a rest or a Kodak moment or whatever Philbin wants to call it.

You might not agree with my opinion of that situation and that's ok. I'm sure we can all agree there were many other questionable decisions by Philbin yesterday. One thing is becoming clearer and clearer and that is that Joe Philbin is not a very good NFL head coach.