Things I Liked, Things I Didn't, Things To Look For Against The Packers

It seems like an eternity since Joe Philbin wouldn't name Ryan Tannehill as the starting QB. I don't know if it was Philbin lighting a fire under Tannehill or the benefit of playing the Oakland Raiders, but the team looked good. As always there were a couple things that stood out.
Things I Liked:
  • Great blocking by the offensive line. Not only did they keep Tannehill clean, but the opened up gaping holes for Lamar Miller. Saw lots of second level blocks on those big runs.
  • Tannehill really did have a great game. He answered the criticism the best way possible. 23/31 278 yards, 2 TD's, 1 int. 14 straight completions. A huge plus is that he gained 35 yards on 5 carries. That ability to run will pose problems for defenses and it is something the fans have been screaming about for years. 
  • Good to see Joe Philbin had faith in his offense to go for it on 4th and inches inside the 10. He could have easily settled for 3 points instead Lamar Miller scored his 1st touchdown of the day on the 4th down run.
  • No penalties in the first half.
  • Chunk plays. 
  • Finally some interceptions on defense! Congrats to Brent Grimes, Jimmy Wilson and Walt Aikens getting the pick party started.
  • Daniel Thomas making the most of his second chance.
Things I Didn't Like:
  • Team came out flat to start the game. This has been a problem all year. The Raiders came out and drove it down Miami's throat. By the way, the Raiders had not scored on their opening drive since November of last year. 
  • Will Davis is not getting better, he seems to be getting worse. He gave up some big gains to the Raiders, including getting beaten for a late score. 
  • It's tough to turn the ball over 3 times and still win, let alone win big. Lamar Miller can not fumble at the 1 yard line EVER! 
  • Dolphins play was still sloppy at times.  A Dion Sims penalty nullified a Daniel Thomas touchdown. Plus the Fins fumbled the ball 2 other times but were fortunate enough to recover
It was a good game for Miami. Their quarterback answered the bell, the defense played well, and special teams play was adequate (minus the Landry fumble). But it was the Raiders. And even though they were a trendy pick by many experts, it was still the Raiders. The sloppy play and missed opportunities will not work against the Packers.
Things To Look For Against The Packers:
  • Green Bay is a league worse against the run. They are giving up 163 yards a game. Running backs are averaging 4.6 yards a carry. Dolphins are 5th in the league in rushing. Averaging 142.3 yards a game. Miami backs are averaging 5 yards a carry. The Fins game plan should be to run, run and run some more. Keep that hot Packers offense off the field.
  • Speaking about HOT. It is going to be 87 degrees, but feel much warmer come game time. A punishing running game, plus that heat/humidity can work to Miami's advantage.
  • Look for the run to set up the pass, and the play action to work for some big gains. And for Tannehill to pull it in a run on some read options. 
  • The dolphins front 4 on defense need to get pressure on Aaron Rodgers or it could be a long day. With Derrick Shelby suspended, someone else is going to need to step up. Chris McCain? Terrence Fede? 
This is a tough one. The way the Packers have been playing, you would think they would be the easy choice. But I feel the Fins match up well against the Pack. They definitely cannot come out flat or it could be 21-0 in a hurry. I think the Fins surprise some people control Rodgers, control the clock and win going away. Prediction: Dolphins 34 Packers 23. Everyone enjoy the game. Go Dolphins!