Dolphins give up Home game with Jets in 2015

It was announced on Thursday that the Miami Dolphins will give up a 2015 Home game with the NY Jets and the game will be moved to a neutral field in London. The Dolphins are the first NFL team to give up a home game to a division rival.

Two things to remember with this....

1) Dolphins Principal Owner Stephen Ross is playing nice with the NFL as he wants to host a Super Bowl. Ross is trying to score brownie points with the league by giving the league what it wants hoping down the road they return the favor and they give Miami a Super Bowl once the stadium renovations are complete.

2) The Jets-Dolphins game in South Florida was never much of a Dolphins home game anyway with all the Jets fans who fill the stadium. By moving the game to London (where the Fins are popular) the Dolphins might have more of a home field advantage in reality.