Keys to the game for the Miami Dolphins vs Denver Broncos

The 6-4 Miami Dolphins travel to the mile high city to play the 7-3 Denver Broncos in a pivotal match up that will affect the the AFC playoff race for both teams. This game is very important for the Miami Dolphins as they try to get back in the playoffs for the first since 2008. They can't afford too many more losses this season and if they can get a win over Denver who is coming off a loss to the Rams it will probably their biggest win of the season. Here are my Keys to the game to beat Denver.

  1. Pressure Peyton Manning: If our front 7 can put pressure on Peyton and either get sacks or make Peyton get the ball out in a hurry will be key. If we can make him get the ball out of his hands in a hurry he will make the same mistakes as he did last week and throw interceptions. 
  2. Stay positive on the turnover margin: We can't afford to give the ball back to manning and that offense. We can't give them extra possessions to put points on the board. Another thing is we need to force turnovers wether it be forced fumbles or interceptions we need at least two turnovers from our defense and not only do we need turnovers we need to capitalize on them and score touchdowns.
  3. Run the ball effectively: The Rams were able to run the ball for 131 yards we need to do the same with Lamar Miller and get positive yards doing so.
  4. Own time of possession: again by running the ball the Rams won time of possession by over ten minutes. If we can control this game it will help us a lot.
  5. Score touchdowns in the red zone: Knowing Denver's offense we cant afford to kick field goals when we get in the red zone we have to score touchdowns to keep up with the Broncos. 
  6. Get off the field on third down: Our defense needs to get off the field on thirds downs and force the Broncos to punt the ball and give our offense more opportunities.