Mid-Season Awards

Best Rookie: Jarvis Landry
The Fins have played 8 games so its time to pass out some Mid-Season awards.

MVP: Ryan Tannehill: He has improved each and every year in Miami and when he is playing at a high level this team can beat anyone in the NFL. This year he finally has a capable offensive line, an offensive coordinator who has a clue (well most of the time), a running game, and an above average group of WR's to throw to and Ryan is showing the world he is a legit QB in this league. So far in the first half the games vs San Diego, Chicago, and Oakland have been flawless. In other games like vs New England and Green Bay he has been very very good.

Best Offseason Acquisition: John Benton: To say the Dolphins offensive line has been a disaster the past two seasons is an understatement. I know some will say well adding Brandon Albert, drafting JaWuan James is what really fixed the o-line but in reality its been all Benton. James is a rookie and wet behind the ears and have you heard his name called much at all for a holding through 8 weeks? Nope! Samson Satele was washed up and kicked to the curb but now he is playing at a very high level. The Dolphins lead, yes they lead the NFL at 3.3 yards before the running back see's contact on running plays. Dallas Thomas while he still isn't anything special is at least a viable player who when pressed into action won't hurt the offense. How and why Houston let this assistant coach go is beyond me as he very well might be the best offensive line coach in the entire NFL right now.

Best Rookie: Jarvis Landry: JaWuan James is a close second since he has started every game at right tackle but Landry has given Miami a special teams threat and made numerous big plays on offense. Landry has been a beast as a kickoff returner, he has improved as a punt returner, and at wide receiver he isn't afraid to go over the middle, make the tough catch in traffic and take a hit, and he is one of the better blocking WR's in the running game in the entire league let alone on the Dolphins. He is a player who does all of the little things that don't necessarily show up on the stat sheet to help a team win. And as the season is going on he is getting more involved in the passing game and making more plays there. Sky is the limit with this kid.

Best Free Agent Signing: Branden Albert: The turnaround of the offensive line began with the signing of Albert to anchor the left tackle position. He has been everything as advertised and more. He is the leader of the unit, he is an elite LT in this league, and he shows up and does his job each and every week. I want to give an honorable mention to Louis Delmas here as well. He has helped turned the Dolphins secondary into an above average unit and has played lights out this year, but Albert was the best free agent signing this year.

Most Improved Player: Jelani Jenkins: A mid-round pick 2 years ago who did little last year but play special teams Jenkins has turned into Miami's best linebacker so far this year. He can cover tight ends and RB's in the passing game and he has speed to cover a lot of the field. The reason Miami is the #1 defense covering tight ends this year, Jenkins!

Most Underrated Player: Jared Oddrick: At this point he may be the Fins best defensive tackle on the roster. He has been un-blockable at times through 8 games and while technically not a "starter" he has been dominating when he is on the field.


  1. Jared is so underrated that even a Fins blogger can't spell his name right :D


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