Next man up; Lazor on deep ball

Last Sunday the Dolphins suffered a huge loss with Brandon Albert going down for the season. There is no argument. Brandon Albert is Miami's best player.

So here we are. Thursday night football on a short week doing the offensive line shuffle against a division opponent with the same record and that has beaten Miami 4 out of the last 5 contests. This game is going to tell us a lot about our beloved 2014 Miami Dolphins. The loser of this game can pretty mush kiss their playoff hopes good bye.

Every NFL team has to deal with injuries. It's part of the game. The great teams overcome. It's going to take the entire team to overcome the loss of Brandon Albert; not just the offensive line. Offense Coordinator Bill Lazor addressed this Monday at his press conference. Next man up!

"When one guy goes down different areas have to pick it up. Receivers. Tight ends. A little bit more on you. Let's get open faster. We all have to share the burden of taking up for Albert being down; including me."

Ju'Wuan James moved over to left tackle when Albert went down and the blocking seemed to improve against that obscenely aggressive Detroit front. The Bills defensive line is just as nasty but neither me or Lazor are overly concerned about James' transition to the left side. Next man up!

"I thought at some point in his career Ju'Wuan would be a left tackle because of his ability to move."

The Dolphins gave veteran G Shelley a two year 5.5 million dollar deal. Looks like he gets the call with Colledge still out. Time to earn that money son. Next man up!

Dallas Thomas moved to right tackle where he's seen reps in practice and Lazor said he likes Billy Turner's explosiveness and power. Next man up!

Make no mistake. This game is all about who is going to control the line of scrimmage.

When asked about the dreaded deep ball frustration Lazor had this to say:

"We've addressed the mechanics. We've addressed people getting on the same page as far as landmarks where we're trying to throw the football. We've repped it in practice...I choose to operate with the belief that the next one will prove everybody that we can do it."

Lions Game

Grimes had good coverage on the Calvin Johnson touchdown. Safety Louis Delmas got frozen on the fake and did not provide over the top help. 

If Tannehill leads Hoskins a little more it's a first down and the drive keeps going. Instead the ball was behind and he gets picked. Great hustle by Tannehill to save the touchdown.

Only real questionable coaching call was that reverse in the first quarter. I guess they were trying to neutralize the rush but the Lions were ready for it. Credit the Lions defense. They played a hell of a game,

Damien Williams is a player.

Earl Mitchell continues to impress. He blocked the field goal and I think if he recovers it instead of Jordan he scores.

This loss falls on the players for lack of execution. Specifically the offense. The Dolphins are 5-16 when trailing at the half. With the loss against Detroit Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill are now 20-21. Under .500 again.