Post game outlook from the Dolphins vs Broncos

The Miami Dolphins once again took a heartbreaking loss against a good opponent this time falling to the Denver Broncos 39-36. With the loss the Dolphins now stand at 6-5 on the season with 5 games left. My keys to the game were to pressure Peyton Manning which didn't happen as the Dolphins defense only manged to get one sack on the day and that came early. Next was to stay positive on the turnover margin which for most of the afternoon the Dolphins did as they got a turnover on special teams and the only mistake of the day came in the 4th quarter when a Ryan Tannehill pass was tipped and intercepted. Another key was to run the ball effectively. The dolphins ran the ball 21 times for a total of 97 yards which wasn't good enough. I wish they would have ran more and run more clock doing so, but oh well. By owning time of possession that would have meant we controlled the ball more and kept the ball out of Manning's hands, but the Broncos offense had the ball for 9 minutes longer than the Dolphins with their running game. Next was to get off the field on 3rd down, but the Dolphins failed to do so allowing the Broncos to convert 9 of 13 third downs in the game and stay on the field and continue drives. I will save the best for last my last key to the game was to score touchdowns in the redzone rather than kick field goals and the Dolphins did a excellent job in that department on Sunday by going 5 for 5 in the redzone. The offense executed great when it came to scoring and just needed the defense to play better to get a big win.