Problems in the red zone

The Dolphins have not been good in the red zone this year. Last year they finished 11th in the league in red zone percentage. This year they lead the league in red zone opportunities and are ranked an abysmal 30th in red zone percentage (TDs) after nine games. Forty six percent in the red zone is not going to cut it.

At his press conference on Monday Bill Lazor said this about the red zone, "The safeties are closer and the passing windows are smaller. Your margin for error is less.

"We must be detailed and do it exactly right. "

When quarterback Ryan Tannehill was asked about the offense's inefficiency in the red zone he simply said, "We haven't executed. We've had opportunities all types of ways to score. We just haven't been able to make it happen."

A lot of people were questioning the coaching decisions by Philbin regarding the timeouts. Like I said on Twitter to my esteemed colleague, the Dolphins lost to the Lions because the players could not execute; especially in the red zone.
Buffalo's defense is not the greatest at stopping their opponent in the red zone this year (they rank 23rd). But with the offensive line shuffle the Dolphins had to do to account for losing their big money left tackle Brandon Albert, the offense is going to have to score touchdowns, not field goals, every red zone opportunity they get Thursday night.