Road to the playoffs for the Dolphins

Currently 11 teams in the AFC have a record above .500 right now and are looking to get into the playoffs, but only 6 spots are available. With 7 games remaining the Dolphins are currently 5-4 and have 4 games vs AFC teams that could potentially be in the playoffs. The Dolphins have lost pivotal game against Bills, and Chiefs, but have won games vs the Patriots and Chargers. In my opinion the Dolphins will have to finish 10-6 to get a playoff birth meaning they must win 5 of the 7 remaining games. Those games feature the Bills on Thursday night, @ Denver, Jets 2x, Ravens, and Vikings. The Dolphins Must beat Division rivals Bills on Thursday night, so the Bills wont have the tie breaker. The Dolphins will also need to to sweep the Jets, beat the Ravens and Vikings at home to get to 10 wins on the season unless they upset either the Broncos or Patriots. It wont be easy, but the Dolphins have the talent to do so they just have to put it all together.