Upon further review: Chargers vs. Dolphins

Here are some of my observations after watching the last Sunday's game again.

Tannehill looks like he's starting to figure it out. I couldn't care less whether or not he can connect with Wallace on the deep ball or not. Sure it would be nice but if he keeps having games like he did against the Chargers who cares? A couple of plays stand out to me. 

First, in the 2nd quarter it was 3rd and long after a false start penalty. Tannehill fires a heat-seeking missile to Wallace between three defenders for a 38 yard gain and a first down. It was a big time throw. Second was the touchdown to Matthews. The pocket collapsed around him, he rolled out and waited for his receiver to get open. He showed patience and play making ability with that throw. When I saw that I immediately thought, "Ok. He's getting it." Tannehill is in control of his offense. On one play, as the offense approached the line, Tannehill can be heard saying, "Let's go B.A. get down!" He was telling is franchise left tackle Brandon Albert to get set to keep the tempo up. I like that. 

Earl Mitchell has been a great addition to this team. On the play before recording his first sack of the season he was about ten yards down field ready to make the tackle on receiver Malcom Floyd. He hustles. 

I don't think Landry could have gotten any closer to the boundary than he did. What a great play by the rookie.

Rookie RB Damien Williams was looking like Ricky Williams with all those carries in the 4th quarter. 

The last time the Chargers were shut out was against the Chiefs 0-34 in 1999.

Chargers now have two losses within the their division and now a conference loss against the Dolphins.