Can Miami Still Make The Playoffs?

Yes, the Dolphins can still make the playoffs. Basically they MUST end up in a three way tie with Pittsburgh and Baltimore or a four way tie with Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Buffalo at 9-7. One win by Pittsburgh or Baltimore and Miami is out. Miami cannot win a 5, 6,7 or 8 way tie with Kansas City, San Diego, Houston or Cleveland involved. (Yes, it is possible for there to be eight 9-7 teams)
Houston MUST beat Baltimore at home this week and lose at home to Jacksonville next week.
Remaining Schedules:
Baltimore is at Houston and home for Cleveland
Pittsburgh is home for Kansas City and Cincinnati
Buffalo is at Oakland and at New England
Kansas City is at Pittsburgh and home for San Diego
San Diego is at San Fran and at Kansas City
Of course, the Dolphins must win their final two games
Source: ESPN's NFL Playoff Machine