Enough Already!

I awoke this morning looking forward to my Sunday routine. Up early, watch last weeks Dolphins game again, and write an article for the best Miami Dolphins Fan blog in the world - Dolphinstalk.com. As a checked last nights headlines, I saw what has become part of a Dolfans annual routine - an article saying Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin is on the hot seat. This is not news. Philbin came into the season on the "hot seat" according to the mouth breathers both in local Miami sports media and the "experts" in the national media. Many of them were surprised that Philbin survived last years media driven 'bully scandal".  I began to research possible coaching candidates after disappopointing losses to the Bills and Chiefs, but after impressive wins against the Bears and Chargers, and competitive losses to division leaders Packers and Broncos, I felt the Fins were turning the corner. Not just becoming a playoff contender, but building a consistent winning franchise. A team that has the chance to go to the big dance year in and year out, one that the fans can be proud of. It takes time, it takes vision, it takes consistency.

So let's skip ahead. It's Monday December 29th. Black Monday for NFL coaches. The Dolphins just had their first winning season since 2008, narrowly missing the playoffs. It's only the 3rd winning season out of the past decade. Joe Philbin's Dolphins record is 24-24. He took over a 6-10 team and has improved every season since (albeit to slow for many Dolphin fans). His young team was hit harder then most by injuries and they limped to the finish line. His young quarterback has improved every year as well, even though he had to learn a brand new offense for the 2014 season. Is the best thing now to blow it up and start all over again? And if you really think that, why?

As Dolfans haven't we seen this before? Let's go after the hot name. Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban,  Jeff Fisher, Jim Harbaugh (twice?) Has the hot name ever been successful? Some can argue that Johnson was at least successful in that he got the Fins to the playoffs, but never lived up to expectations. Saban not only was unsuccessful as a coach, but  he set the franchise back an unmeasurable amount by choosing Culpepper over Brees.  Jeff Fisher helped the media meme that the Dolphins were an undesirable franchise, but what has he accomplished in St. Louis? Fisher has a worse record than Philbin's (Fisher is 20-25-1), and has had untold numbers of high draft picks, and yet he is never on the hot seat? And now Harbaugh. Harbaugh has never had a coaching job outside the state of California. I don't think that is a coincidence. It has also been said that Harbaugh has a shelf life - it takes about 3-4 years for him to piss off whoever he works for. So, that means if by chance Harbaugh would take the job, you would be doing this all over again after the 2017 or 2018 season. Is that any way to build a consistent team?

I'm not giving Joe Philbin a pass. He still would have to go 9-7 for this season. (I am predicting a loss to the Patriots today.) Honestly, I am not sure how I would feel if they went 8-8.  With continued progress, I would rather see Ryan Tannehill get another year in this offense. I want to see what Dennis Hickey does in year 2. I want to see if the Miami can become a consistent franchise. Enough already!

Carl C. Crowley


  1. They can start by dumping Coyle and offering the DC job to Rex Ryan when he is let go by the Jets


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