Keys to the game for the Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens

The Miami Dolphins (7-5) return home for a pivotal match up against the Baltimore Ravens (7-5). This game has a lot at stakes for both teams who are trying to get in the playoffs in the AFC. Whoever wins this game will have a edge in the standings and tiebreakers which could come into effect with the AFC being so tight. I believe this is a must win for the Dolphins and they need to show they are a playoff team. Here are my keys to the game.

  1. Get off to a good start: The Dolphins need to start fast in this game and can't afford to be down early in this one. The Dolphins have had a hard time starting the game fast recently, but if they want to win they need to get off to a good start in this one.
  2. Score touchdowns rather than kick field goals: The Dolphins only scored one touchdown last week vs the Jets, but that wont be good enough this week. The Dolphins need to score touchdowns rather than kick field goals all day. We cant afford to get into the redzone and settle for field goals. If we are going to win this game we have to score touchdowns. 
  3. Force turnovers: One way we can take control of this game is by forcing turnovers. We need to pressure Joe Flacco and make him uncomfortable. Whether it be forced fumbles or interceptions we need them to make mistakes and capitalize on them.
  4. Contain Justin Forsett: Our defense has had a hard time stopping the run in the last two games. If we want to win this game we need to contain Justin Forsett who has had a good year replacing Ray Rice. We cant allow him to go off like CJ Anderson or Chris Johnson.did in recent weeks.
  5. Convert on 3rd down: Currently the Dolphins are converting on 41% of third downs. They need to do a better job of this and keep drives alive.
  6. Protect Tannehill: Last year when the Dolphins played the Ravens the Ravens sacked Tannehill 6 times. This can't happen this time around if the Dolphins want to win. The Dolphins will catch a break with Haloti Ngata being suspended earlier today, The offensive line needs to to play well and know where Terrell Suggs is at all times as he accounted for 3 of the 6 sacks last year.