Post game outlook from Dolphins vs Jets

It wasn't pretty, but the Miami Dolphins were able to pick up a 16-13 victory over division rival New York Jets and improve to (7-5) on the season and as of now hold the 6th and final playoff spot in the AFC. The Dolphins defense struggled against the run all night allowing 277 yards on the ground, but the offense didn't look that much better as they couldn't get in a rhythm and flow whether it be dropped passes, missed throws, missed kicks and the interception. The Dolphins came out the half and made adjustments by stopping the running game and after Lamar Miller scored on the ground  the defense did its job and sealed the game with a interception from Reshad Jones. On to my Keys to the game the first key was to put pressure on on Geno Smith and they did that on the last drive when they had to which made him make that mistake, but the rest of the night there wasn't no pressure because the Jets game plan was to run the ball over and over. On to my second key which was to protect Tannehill. The Jets have a good defensive line and for the most part the dolphins did a good job protecting Tannehill and only allowing two sacks. My Next key was to feed Lamar Miller the ball. Lamar only got 13 carries, but he made them count racking up 56 yards and the winning touchdown, but still I would have liked them to give him the ball more and give him more opportunities to make a play. My next key to the game was to know where Percy Harvin is at all times. They did a good job for the most part in containing him and not allowing him to make a big play as the Jets  chose to run the ball 49 times Harvin only got six of those carries to go along with one reception. My final key to the game was to tackle the football and bring downs guys and not allow yards after contact. I was disappointed with the tackling in the first half  as they allowed Chris Johnson, Chris Ivory, and Greg Salas to break tackles and get yards after contact. In the second half they did a much better job of tackling and bringing guys down fast.