Postgame outlook from the Dolphins vs Ravens

The Dolphins took yet another heartbreaking loss to the Ravens putting them at (7-6) on the season and now on the outside looking in on the playoffs in the AFC. The Dolphins needed to win this game to show they were a playoff quality team, but on Sunday they were too inconsistent and couldn't put the ball in the end zone. Lets review my keys for the game and see where the Dolphins went wrong. My first key was to get off to a good start in which they actually did scoring field goal and scoring a touchdown to Brian Hartline taking a 10 point lead going into the 2nd quarter. My next key was to score touchdowns rather than kick field goals and the Dolphins didn't do that settling for two field goals and only one touchdown vs the ravens defense. My third key to the game was to force turnovers the Dolphins did get an interception early in the 2nd quarter, but didn't do anything with it as the Dolphins were forced to punt after getting the turnover. We needed more than just one turnover to win this game. My next key was to contain Justin Forsett and which the Dolphins did a better job containing the opposing running back as he rushed for under 100 yards, but the Dolphins allowed him to bust a  big run of 44 yards that resulted in a touchdown later in the drive and allowed Bernard Pierce to break one for 24 yards to the goal line that also resulted in a touchdown the play after. The Dolphins needed to do a better job and not allow these big runs as they changed the whole game. My next key was to confer on third downs which the Dolphins didn't do only converting 4/12 for 33%. The Dolphins couldn't continue drives when it mattered the most and instead punted, we needed more opportunities to score and didn't execute. My last key to the game was to protect Tannehill because last year we allowed 6 sacks to the Ravens, but that didn't happen as the Ravens registered 6 more sacks this year, 3.5 sacks came from Elvis Dummervill. He controlled our offensive line and forced so much pressure. Allowing this many sacks killed us badly. All these sacks forced our drives to come to an end and I think this is the main reason why we lost this game. We couldn't protect Tannehill and continue drives especially in the second half where we only managed to score a field goal. This is a disappointing loss and hopefully we can come back next week and get back on track or else our playoff hopes might just be over.