AFC (B)east!

The 2015 NFL regular season doesn't begin for another six long months.  We are only days into free agency and still have the draft plus whatever other crazy trades Chip Kelly wants to do.  The landscape of the NFL seems to have changed within mere days.

The AFC east brought in 2 elite players in Ndamukong Suh and LeSean McCoy. Revis jumped ship...again, Brandon Marshall and all of his personalities are back in the division.  Many other very good players  joined the division as well. Jordan Cameron is a former pro bowler and Kenny Stills has the potential to be one.

Rex Ryan is inheriting last years number 4 total defense with a lot of pundits saying they can be "historical", Buffalo has given us fits lately but Rex kills quarterbacks careers faster than Rick Grimes would kill a walker.  Relying on a "ground and pound" offense in our division may get LeSean McCoy very...very injured.

The Jets are swinging for the fences. Bringing back Revis and Cromartie to sure up the secondary. They also added Marshall to line up oppisite Decker which seems very formidable, on paper. But if I'm not mistaken Tom Brady plays for the patriots and not gang green so they still have a HUGE hole to fill behind center. 

The Patriots, well they won ANOTHER Super Bowl so I'm hoping that Bill Belichicks lease with the Devil for his soul is up by September.

Which brings me to Ndamukong Suh and the Miami Dolphins.  Year after year we Dolphin fans are disgustingly optimistic, only to be lead to a mediocre record and "there is always next year" feeling. Well Not only did Suh anchor the number 2 total defense in the NFL last season, he single handedly makes everyone on our defense better.  He brings a fire and intensity that has been lacking for at least the past three seasons (coincidence Mr. Philbin?). Yes he signed a huge contract, who wouldnt? I find it quite hypocritical that all the talking heads on television say that he will cripple a franchise with the contract, when they jump network to network chashing the cash.  Our D Line can literally be record setting and opposing quarterbacks will hopefully be facing un relenting pressure from all directions (DON'T MESS THIS UP COYLE!) We have a top 3 corner in the league, yes Mr. Grimes is that good, no one in the NFL has better technique than he does. He will surely capitalize in turning all that QB pressure into turnovers with good field position and theoretically points.  

Ryan Tannehill will be a top 10 QB this season. Bold I know but he has done nothing but progress since entering the NFL four years ago and will have a re vamped offense this coming season (he was 11th in yards and 14th in qb rating so it might not be too bold).  Gone are Wallace (speed no hands), Hartline (hands no speed) and Gibson, in are Kenny Stills (speed AND hands) and Jordan Cameron (speed AND hands), they are both are pro bowl caliber talents that will give Bill Lazor limitless options to be creative and hit some big plays. If the Phins can keep Charles Clay (let us hope) with Landry and Matthews the recieving and tight end corps will be very, very dangerous and give defensive cordinators nightmares. We also have Lamar Miller who, by the way in limited touches was a 1K yard back so expect him to benefit from a healty o line and a dangerous aerial attack. 

A healthy Brandon Albert and Mike Pouncy back at center gives us two perennial pro bowlers on the line. Juwan James played pretty well as a rookie even though he was moved around the back half of the season due to injuries to others. The guard position will play itself out in training camp so we will have plenty of time to speculate who'll play where. 

All in all the AFC East should no longer be considered the laughing stock of the NFL, but again they do have the NY Jets.

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