After first three days, assessing the NFL Draft

As the Miami Dolphins continue to purge their roster, some of the current needs come time for the NFL draft are coming full circle. 

The Dolphins addressed their need for DT with the HUGE signing of Suh.  Brice McCain is a decent pick up to replace the possible departing Jimmy Wilson but by no means is a starter opposite of Grimes.  Jordan Cameron gives Ryan Tannehill the big bodied TE and explosive stretch the field TE they hoped Clay would be.  Granted, I am a huge fan of Charles Clay, but keeping two tight ends with that high of a price tag would be tough to have, with other needs still needed.  Sims is a good replacement for Clay, if Clay happens to sign with the Bills.

Looking ahead to the draft, here is how I see their needs as of March 14th (still plenty of time but things start to shape themselves a few days into free agency):

Round 1- DeVante Parker- WR Louisville

Why?  Davonte Parker is a big bodied WR who excells at getting the ball at its highest point.  At 6'2, Parker is the type of big receiver Miami has surely lacked since, heck, Orande Gadsden.  WR  truly is a need with the lack of depth (with Wallace now traded).  Parker will give Miami explosive play making ability.  While his durability has been in question (missed 7 games in 2014), his production should not be in question.  He caught 43 passes for 855 yards in just 6 games!  He is a must if he is available at 14.

Other options: Trae Waynes (CB, Michigan State), Marcus Peters (CB, Washington)

Round 2- Benardrick McKinney- ILB Mississippi State

Why?   It will be a miracle if he falls, but in my simulation, he fell to Miami in round 2.  McKinney is a monster MLB which instantly makes us forget of the 1 year and 1 game of sheer overpaid play from Ellerbe.  He is durable and put up good stats as a junior.  The only knock on him is he isn't great against the run and bites tons on play action.  With good coaching (we hope), he can be the guy to eat backers alive thanks to Suh's presence.  Anthony, which I have as the other option at this pick, may be the real pick if McKinney isn't available.

Other options: Stephone Anthony (ILB, Clemson), Derron Smith (S, Fresno St)

Round 3- Pick Was traded to Saints in deal for Kenny Stills

If this trade didn't happen, this is the spot where I would expect Miami to fill their RB need by selecting T.J Yeldon.  Miami has their lightning with Lamar Miller.  Yeldon would've fit the mold of that big back at the goal line.  It is now a moot point.  Time to move on!

Round 4- Josue Matias- G Florida State

Why? We are all aware Miami's need for a guard.  If no trade is made for Evan Mathis, this is the guy to get at what I feel is a decent value.  Josue is 6'6 310lbs.  He is a monster in the middle.  He is big and strong to handle DT.  He needs to work on his footwork.  He is a developmental player that needs time to work on his footwork and agility to maintain his blocks longer

Other options: Bryce Petty (QB, Baylor), John Miller (G, Louisville)

Round 5- Jamison Crowder- WR Duke

Why?  He is a polished route runner and played well in the ACC.  He could be used primarily as a practice squad guy while he learns the NFL game and gets bigger.  He is a bit under sized at 5'8 185, but so is Wes Welker.  This pick is definitely one that may pan out over time.  Lazor is very precise and we need more guys who can run routes well.

Round 5 #2- Nick Marshall- CB Auburn

Thanks Vikings!  I see this as developmental pick 2 in this round.  I love the size and speed of Nick Marshall.  Yes, he played QB in college.  He hasn't played defense in 3 years.  He is 6'1 207lbs and highly athletic.  He played CB throughout high school and developed into a QB in college.  He also offers versatility to play some offense in the pros.  Don't think he will but you can't put it past Lazor trying to get him involved in some way

Round 6- Anthony Jefferson- S UCLA

Why? Miami severely lacks depth at the safety position.  With no starter yet signed opposite Jones, the Dolphins will address that need possibly in earlier rounds or free agency.  Jefferson 6' 200lb size is ideal for safety.  He played in a pass heavy conference and had plenty of looks at coverages in his college career.  He has good durability and adequate speed.  This pick is all about depth.  I do not see Jefferson as a starter. 

Things can of course, change dramatically in the coming weeks.  Check back to for updated mock drafts as we get closer to the draft.  You can also follow me at @ternisse13 on twitter.  Thanks for reading!