Holes to fill

While free agency continues, the Dolphins have major holes to fill. While I believe that they are done with WR and lean heavily on drafting one at 14, there are other major areas of concern that can be filled prior to the draft.

Dan Connolly- I've always liked him. While many are saying "trading Dion Jordan for Evan Mathis is a good deal", I am against it. Mathis and Connolly are at the same age, but Connolly will come much cheaper. While our rivals continue to look elsewhere, I believe Connolly will fill a huge need at Guard. A short term deal would suffice (2 years, 8 mil, 3.5 GTD) while developing young guys to take over.

Brandon Spikes- how has he not signed anywhere?! Character concerns or demands seem to be biggest reasons but there is no denying this dudes talent. Spikes is a two down, run stuffing MLB who wreaked havoc for the Bills last year. Playing behind Dareus, Williams, and Hughes, Spikes was dominant. Pairing him with Suh, Mitchell, awake and Vernon, he fills an immediate need and addresses our porous run D. Move Misi back to his original spot and let Jenkins/Jordan be the other OLB.

Louis Delmas- Delmas provided plenty to our defense before his season sadly ended. Before the injury, Delmas helped Miami establish themselves as a top 3 defense. Our pass D was top 5. After the injury, the defense was different. Finnegan was exposed due to no back end help. I feel a resign on a cap friendly deal and drafting a young safety in the later rounds of the draft may pay dividends in the coming years.

Knowshon Moreno- who isn't hungry to see what this guy can do when healthy in this offense? Moreno provided a power running style and had a monster game vs the Patriots on opening day. He struggled with injuries prior to tearing his ACL vs Packers. If he can come back healthy, he can be had for less than $2 million per in my opinion. He will need to be healthy though. Miller is still the clear cut starter regardless if he is resigned.

Mason Foster- The front office loves this kid, yet he hasn't come for a visit yet. He continues to be on the teams radar but his price tag still remains hefty. He again, will fill a need at MLB and is more well rounded than Spikes, but the team needs to bring him in for a visit to see what his demands look like.

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