Missing Pieces?

Have you ever started a puzzle and your about half way there and start looking around? Does this fit there? Does that corner match with this? It is almost a formality, a foreign language when it all doesn't make sense. Much of the same concept needs to be applied to the 2015 Miami a dolphins offseason. It started in Blue a rugged 280 pound lion turning in his paws for Phins. He was the quote unquote "splash" that we desperately needed. You want an immediate impact, how about a run stuffing, O-line bruising, QB hunting nightmare. It's only three simple letters SUH. to every puzzle you have complimentary pieces, ones that may not get noticed. Let's say the whiskers on a cat or the strings on a kite. Entered the terrible towel, fridges weather, a band of brothers with a goal in mind, destination playoffs. He will be throwing away the towel and again swimming with the Phins, his name the McCain Train. Kind of catchy right? He went from armor with scarlet and yellow, a hoops star turned football player. his dog tag from the "dawg pound" will be retired and he will continue this trend and receive his Phins. The speed killer, the uniquely placed, who dat representative. From 5th round flyer "no pun intended" to a legit threat. Stills Kills, how does that sound?

My point is that there has been movement and it is easy to see the mess and follow the headlines (Phins have no proven Reciever, there O-line has gotten worse, the defense is even more depleted) and now with the most recent news, Big play Clay is not just making headlines with broken tackles and touchdowns but with his own BIG PAY DAY. however we cannot judge nor formulate much without the plan done. If there is one thing we can do Phins is stand behind our beloved team and continue to support the teal and orange. Just remember do you judge a puzzle when it half way done?


- Chad Snider