“Five letters here just for everybody out there in Dolphin-land: R-E-L-A-X”

I’ve been reading a lot of articles and tweets about the state of our offense particularly at the wide receiver and tight end positions.  Yes, I know what we’ve lost and the production of those players. 

Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson and Charles Clay accounted for 193 receptions, 2,236 yards and16 touchdowns…all gone, so what? No reason to cry over it.

The week 17 postgame show starring Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson sealed their fates as Miami Dolphins, Brian Hartline regressed tremendously in our system and Charles Clay will be taking “his talents to Buffalo”…doesn't really have the same ring does it?

So I’m here to ease some doubts about what we've lost and try to show you that all hope is not lost, in fact, we should be even better.

2014 Miami Dolphins WR/TE stats:

WR1:  Mike Wallace-  Rec: 67  Yards: 862  YPR: 12.9  Long: 50 TD: 10  Catch Rate: 58% 
WR2:  Brian Hartline- Rec: 39  Yards: 474  YPR: 12.2  Long: 35 TD: 2    Catch Rate: 62%
SWR: Jarvis Landry-  Rec: 84  Yards: 758  YPR:  9      Long: 25 TD: 5    Catch Rate: 75%
TE:     Charles Clay-   Rec: 58  Yards: 605  YPR: 10.4  Long: 41 TD: 3    Catch Rate: 69%

Too much money not enough Touchdowns, Miami had the most expensive recieving corp in the league. 

I want you to Look at the last stat, the catch rate percentage and the difference between a rookie in Landry and the vets...big difference. And remember, they were all catching balls from the same quarterback.

According to Football Outsiders, “Catch Rate represents the percentage of passes to this receiver completed. This is a reference to incomplete passes, not dropped passes: dropped passes are not specified in publicly available play-by-play, and unfortunately we cannot yet correct for this.”

Projected 2015 Miami Dolphins WR: (2014 stats)
*= New Weapon

WR1: *Kenny Stills-       Rec: 63  Yards: 931 YPR: 14.8   Long: 69 TD: 3    Catch Rate: 76%
WR2: *D. Parker-           Rec: 43  Yards: 855 YPR: 19.9   Long: 71 TD: 5    (In only 6 Games!!!) 
SWR: Jarvis Landry-     Rec:  84  Yards: 758  YPR:  9     Long: 25 TD: 5     Catch Rate: 75%
TE:*Jordan Cameron-   Rec: 24 Yards: 424  YPR: 17.7   Long: 81 TD: 2    Catch Rate: 50% (Forgive him, he was a Brown)

I know I know, the total numbers don't look that glamorous at first, but each player brings a completely different dynamic and skill set to the team. 

We have lacked this kind of potential for years. The offense scored a touchdown in the red zone only 51.4% of the time, that was good for 21st in the NFL. That is not playoff worthy. 

Who scores red zone touchdowns?…TIGHT ENDS. Jordan Cameron and Dion Sims are 6’5’’ and 6’4’’ respectively and both are freakishly athletic. Expect to see a lot of double tight end sets in the red zone and the that percentage should get a huge bump when you factor in that Tannehill will have an even better grasp of the offense. 

The system that Bill Lazor runs is PERFECT for the players we’ve picked up and will pick up via draft and free agency. I have complete faith in Lazor and Tannehill to make the jump into top 10 territory. We are only going to go as far as the right arm of Ryan Tannehill will take us but the talent he now will now have around him will be better than he's ever had.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...still a long way go and who knows, maybe Mikey T has some tricks up his sleeve come draft day.

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