Suh is Finally a what is next?!

The Next Fins TE?
The wait is over Ndamukong Suh is officially a member of the Miami Dolphins and we can debate the financials of it and how much he is getting paid till we are blue in the face. Fact is he is a member of the Dolphins now and the contract isn't very team friendly but it is what it is. So, what is next for the Dolphins to do?

-The Dolphins addressed their need at cornerback with the addition of Brice McCain and it is a nice signing. I am not overly excited as I think McCain is a marginal player who at best is an above average corner. He will fight with Jamar Taylor for the starting CB spot opposite Grimes and that is fine. I still think Miami needs one more quality CB this offseason. Whether that comes in Rounds 1 or 2 of the draft or free agency, I don't know. I would suspect it would be via free agency.

-Safety....the Fins biggest glaring need at this point on defense is safety. Internet Rumors (be careful of those) say Delmas helped sell Suh on playing football for the Fins. He played with Suh in Detroit and is friends with him. Now, I'm sure $60 million guaranteed helped in that decision and whatever Delmas said was just icing on the cake. But Delmas, while injury prone and while being out at least half of next season to start the season, should be brought back on a team friendly deal. He is an impact player when healthy and a good locker-room presence. But, Delmas will miss at least half the season if not more so Miami needs another safety. It's a weak draft for safety's so that isn't a real avenue to add someone. Free agency wise the top safety's on the market are getting highly paid and probably out of Miami's range. Miami will need to find someone and I wouldn't be shocked if the Fins bring back Jimmy Wilson (he is visiting in San Diego as we speak.)

-Avoid Jordan Cameron at all costs! Yes, you heard me right. While Cameron would be the Red Zone target that Miami desperately needs this is not a good signing. Cameron has had 3 concussions in 2 years and I don't need to tell you how this story ends. He is one hit away from his career being over lets be honest and having scrambled eggs for brains. How can you invest anything into a player like that? If I were Hickey or Tannenbaum or whoever the real GM is I would just walk away and move on. I know Miami is having Cameron in for a visit tonight but I pray they don't give him a contract.

It's been an interesting first few days of free agency and it should only be more interesting throughout the weekend.


  1. Why are we concerned about Ross's $$ re: Cameron? If he signs and gets hurt that's the breaks. Who else are we signing for that spot?

  2. One thing that concerns me is the fact that Suh is not Philbin's type of player. While apparently he is a model citizen off the field, he is anything but on the field. Is Philbin going to pout the first time Suh gets a 15 yarder because they will come. He is a nasty mofo on the field, but that is something the Dolphins have lacked for a long, long time. Philbin needs to learn that you're not winning with a team of angels. Personally, I'm looking forward to Suh treating the NFL Poster Boy Tom Brady like his personal rag doll :)


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