Well it's been a crazy first week here in the UK, following all the latest acquisitions, cuts and trades that Tannebaum and Hickey have pulled off during the first week of NFL free agency, but it's been great to watch it all unfold.

The Dolphins started out by cutting Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson, who to be fair were counting a lot towards the salary cap this season, and in my opinion  really didn't appear much involved in the offense last season with Landry and  Wallace the main wide receiver targets all season long, these two cuts saved the Dolphins $6.40 million. I thought to myself there's some good wide receivers in the free agency we could easily get one.

Then the name I was hearing, got me excited.....Ndamukong Suh, the dream of having someone of his caliber on our defense would be incredible  but I couldn't see how the Miami Dolphins could pull it off, with Suh guaranteed a $100 million plus contract, I thought to myself this isn't going to happen.

 Catching up on the news and reports, while being busy, the Dolphins had been busy themselves  releasing veteran CB Cortland Finnegan, G Shelley Smith and LB Philip Wheeler, while placing the transition tag on Charles Clay,  signing Jason Fox to a two year contract, while resigning Jordan Kovacs, A.J Francis, Kelvin Sheppard and Micheal Thomas, I was pleased with the moves that the front office had made clearing up more cap space and getting rid of sub-par players with big contracts.

However I  was in shock, I just saw that the Miami Dolphins have signed the best free agent on the market NDAMUKONG SUHHHH!!!! Signing a 6 year contract for $114 million with $60 million guaranteed, the Dolphins have got a incredible player the best defensive tackle in the NFL. With the signing of Suh, the Dolphins released veteran  Randy Starks, I'm sad to see Starks leave he has been a great servant to Miami over the years, he's  a great player, and I wish him all the best in the future.

The Dolphins were crying out for a CB after Finnegan was released someone to line up with Grimes then they sign Brice McCain to a 2 year contract, which was a solid move for the Dolphins.

The last few days have been absolutely crazy sorting out what I've missed and I've missed a ton, The Dolphins signed the 2nd best tight end available Jordan Cameron, I was loving this Cameron and Clay is such a deadly duo, I'm loving Tannebaum at the minute, he pulled off one of the best trades this offseason Kenny Stills for Ellerbe and a  2015 3rd Round pick, what a steal!

At this point I was looking at the offense, Wallace, Stills, Landry, Matthews, Cameron and Clay! I was thinking, WOW  this could cause some serious damage, new weapons for Tannehill.

However, yesterday the Dolphins trade Wallace and a 7th round pick  to the Vikings for a 5th round pick, I was gutted, I like Wallace think he is a playmaker, but the bust up at the end of last season pretty much sealed his fate and his salary cap hit was big this season, but for a 5th round pick I think we should of kept him one more season. Also hearing that Clay might not be signing his tag is disappointing as I would love to see Cameron and Clay paired together.

Overall, the Dolphins have nailed free agency. So far, Tannebaum and Hickey have signed arguably the best defensive player in the game and got out of not one, but two, bad contracts by trading players everyone knew were going to be cut anyway. We replaced what was the highest paid unproductive portion of our offense with a young healthy group of receivers. This is only the first week I can only presume  there will be more to come from the Miami Dolphins, and I hope your all excited as I am.