C3 Dolphins Mock Draft #1

Less than 4 weeks away from Draft night. It’s an interesting draft. Last years draft was touted as being deep and it was. This year, not so much. The number I keep reading is 15 first rounder’s in this draft. Do I believe that? Who knows, however I think the Fins could have a pivotal slot at #14. The ability to trade back and pick up more draft picks & players may very well present itself and Mike Tannenbaum, Dennis Hickey and Joe Philbin may take depth and potential over plug and play. With my first mock I will not include any trades,  mock #2 may.

Round 1 – Mock drafts have not come to any real consensus for the Fins, though Louisville WR DeVante Parker is gaining steam.  A part of me wants Parker there at #14, but I sense he is off the board by the time Miami is on the clock.  I liked Eric Kendricks here for a while, but I think the Fins feel content with waiting for an ILB later in the draft. I think the Fins go BPA, and draft Georgia RB Todd Gurley. In my mind Gurley is special. He instantly makes the Dolphins offense dangerous. I continually read how the coaching staff thinks Lamar Miller wears down after 15 carries a game. Gurley would guarantee that does not happen and allows the Fins to let Miller walk if need be when he becomes a free agent. I think Gurley has the biggest affect on the Fins come draft night, if someone takes him earlier then expected (top #10), I think Parker could fall to #14. Or if he is there, someone may want to trade up for him. But for now I think the Fins take the quite possibly the best player in the draft (if healthy).

Round 2 - In my heart, I want Miami WR Phillip Dorsett on the board come round 2, but I think he will be gone. I bet the Dolphins Brass would love the dilemma of picking between Dorsett and Clemson ILB Stephone Anthony. NO guarantee Anthony is on the board either, but the pick here is Anthony. Joe Philbin may love Koa Misi, but Philbin may not be here next year, neither may Misi.  Anthony fills a need and allows Misi to be moved back to SLB if need be.

Round 4 – With the departure of Charles Clay, TE becomes a bigger need.  TE Jordan Cameron essentially is on a 1 year prove it deal. I like Dion Sims a lot, and think he is ready to take a big step. Last year’s 5th round pick Arthur Lynch gets some competition, the Fins take Ohio State TE Jeff Heurman.  At 6’5” Heurman gives Ryan Tannehill another big red zone target and could become Cameron’s replacement.

Round 5 – It wouldn’t shock me if the Miami doubled up on the same position in round 5, like CB. However, I think the offensive theme continues at least with one of our two 5th round, back to back picks. (#149 & #150 ) Finally, the Fins grab a wide receiver. Central Michigan WR Titus Davis gets the first call.  Good route runner, Fins have shown interest. The second call goes to another need position, speedy Louisville CB Charles Gaines.

Round 6 - You know if the draft unfolds like this, by round 6 Dennis Hickey would be itching to take a small school player. However, taking BPA that slides a little is a much better idea, the Fins grab the slowest db at the combine, TCU FS Chris Hackett.

Round 1 – Todd Gurley, RB Georgia
Round 2 – Stephone Anthony, ILB, Clemson
Round 4 – Jeff Huerman, TE Ohio State
Round 5 – Titus Davis, WR Central Michigan
Round 5 – Charles Gaines, CB Louisville
Round 6 – Chris Hackett, FS, TCU

Have a great and blessed weekend!