Dolphins select OG Jamil Douglas in the 4th Round

Jamil Douglas from Arizona State: ESPN Draft Profile

Jamil Douglas

  • OG
  • 6-4, 304 lbs
  • Arizona St

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Overall Football Traits

Production22010: Redshirted2011 (13/0): OG 2012 (13/13): OG 2013 (14/14): OG2014 (13/13): LOT
Height-Weight-Speed2Above average blend of height, weight and top-end speed with good arm length. Thick trunk but tapered legs with thin ankles.
Durability1Built well and has appeared in every game over the past four seasons.
Intangibles3First name is pronounced Juh-MILL. Hard worker in the weight room and takes care of body. Played tight end/H-back as a senior after primarily being featured at left tackle during the early part of his high school career. Douglas and former teammate Lee Adams were caught on video stealing an Xbox and laptops from another player's dorm room in 2010. Model student and player after the incident. Graduated from Arizona State with an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and spent last fall working on a master's in liberal studies while maintaining a 3.92 GPA
1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal

Offensive Guard Specific Traits

Pass Protection3Flashes ability to mirror once locked on but he's an average athlete that struggles to recover when oversets to the outside and struggles to stay in front when doesn't get hands inside. Gets set quickly and flashes ability to ride edge rushers past quarterback but length raises concern about ability to protect the edge at NFL level and may have to slide inside to succeed. Struggles to sink and gives too much ground to speed to power.
Run Blocking4Flashes ability to uncoil and knock defenders back but exception not norm. Doesn't regularly drive through initial contact and create push either. Plays high and tends to stop moving feet on contact. Adequate range and angles climbing up to second level but doesn't show great body control and has problems adjusting to moving targets in space. Quick and wide enough to develop into an effective zone blocker with improved footwork and hand placement. Hands slide outside far too much at this point.
Awareness3Recognizes defenders creeping up and picks up blitzes in pass pro. Not as consistent recognizing and reacting to line stunts though adequate in that area. As a run blocker has problems adjusting on the fly and locating assignment when defensive front shifts at the snap of the ball.
Toughness3Plays with an edge at times and flashes ability to finish but not a mauler that consistently plays from snap to whistle and wears out defenders with his relentless effort. Content to get into position and wall off assignment all too often.
1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal