Dolphins sign a bunch of Undrafted Free Agents

This list is growing and is fluid at this time but these are the names that are confirmed to be signed by the Miami Dolphins at this time as undrafted free agents.

Mickey Baucus, LT, Arizona:  
Matt Darr, punter, Tennessee
Zach Vigil, LB, Utah St
Mike Hull, LB, Penn State 
Jeff Luc, LB, Cincinnati  
Andrew Franks, K, RPI  
Nigel King, WR, Kansas  
Michael Liedtke, OL, Illinois State  
Demarr Aultman, WR, Maine  
Neville Hewitt, LB, Marshall 
Ellis McCarthy, DT, UCLA
Kendall Montgomery, DL, Bowling Green  
Christion Jones, WR, Alabama  
Ray Drew, DE, Georgia