BREAKING NEWS: DeVante Parker has Foot Surgery...should be back by Week 1 of Regular Season

Dolphins rookie WR DeVante Parker had foot surgery this morning and will be out of action for a while. The Dolphins say Parker should be back by Week 1 of the regular season but that information is coming from the team and they are probably trying to put the beset spin possibly on this news.

Parker missed half of his senior season at Louisville with a foot injury and there were some red flags about his health as he entered the draft. Clearly the concern was warranted.

Disgruntled Dolphins WR Rishard Matthews was worried about playing time and wanted to be traded, this news all but guarantees Matthews will have a role on this team in 2015 and will not be traded. Matthews has a cheap contract, is very talented, and provides insurance to this WR corp who now has an injured Parker and Greg Jennings who is no spring chicken and who has had knee issues in the past.