Footballs in the air! Who's going to catch it?

It's that time a year again, the grass is cut fresh, the sky's are bright and the players cleats are clicking and clacking as they find there way on the practice field. Yes you can guess what I'm getting at its football season again and us dolphins fan have a lot to look forward to. A Batman and Superman combo with Suh and Wake! How about he dynamic trio of Grimes, Jones and Delmas? Albert and Pounce? Or what this article is about the pass catchers? Yes those guys that makes us Fantasy football fans excited. The guys that sell the tickets. This is what we call the "entertainers". You have the savvy vet in Greg Jennings more fluid in his routes than what we as fans are used to. The 2nd year sure handed security blanket in Jarvis Landry. The fox eager to make his presence known in the league with Kenny Stills. Big man DBO (Friday reference) in Rishard Mathews. And lastly the "chosen" one with Devante Parker. Yes there is a lot to be excited about.

There is optimism that this year will be the year we surpass the mediocracy and finally elevate into the playoffs. But what will cater to that is those pass catchers and there abilities to elevate the play of our recently extended QB. Each Reciever bringing something different, each Reciever with a different strength. Each one with a purpose to carry the offense. Now obviously variables like offensive line play and running game factor in. But who will be that Reciever or receivers that will take this passing game to the next level? Who will be catching those footballs in the air? Only time will tell but the journey ahead will be a fun one!

Chad Snider