Post game Dolphins @ Bears

Preseason game number one is in the books. The Dolphins fall to the Bears 27-10. What started out very promising turned to disaster in the second half. Let's start with the positives:

1. Ryan Tannehill- Two holding penalties didn't halt the drive. Tannehill was crisp, precise and smart with all of his throws leading up to a 2 yard touchdown pass to Jarvis Landry. That 14 play drive signaled the end for the starters.

2. Offensive line play 1st team- this has to be the surprise of the night, despite two holding penalties, the offense line gave Tannehill plenty of time as well as opened up big holes for Lamar Miller. I believe the flirtation with Mathis isn't over just yet due to the second and third string lines, which I will get into in a moment.

3. Suh- man was his presence felt early. First play from scrimmage, Kyle Long moved as he saw Suh and false start was called. LB had a clear path to the ball carrier and some carries went for losses. Suh did have his encroachment penalty called, but you take the bad with the good. 

4. Zack Bowman and Will Davis- both played well and figure to be fighting for a starting spot on the outside or the nickel. I hope both keep up the great work that was flashed tonight.

While there was plenty to love about the first 12 minutes of play, a lot was left to be desired afterwards. Here is the bad from the game tonight:

1. Mike Gillislee- the man is on the roster bubble and he had a bad game. A great run of 20 yards was negated after he was stripped of the football. Won't make the team if you cough up the rock 20 yards past the line of scrimmage.

2. Michael Bethel-Thompson/Josh Freeman- MBT was just awful other than the 35 yard pass to Byrd. He threw two picks inside the Dolphins 30 yard line which both went for scores. The turnovers really hurt and that really sealed the deal. Freeman also looked very shaky and missed a wide open Kevin Cone on 4th down which was Miami's last possession. I believe Miami will be in the market for a third string QB.

3. Anthony Johnson- three offsides in one possession. Enough said about that, he will be gone if he doesn't clean his act up. 

4. Jay Ajayi- can't block, won't play. He didn't sniff the field tonight and that is concerning. He needs to get better and prove he belongs as a back up to Miller.

The Evan Mathis watch is on. He will add depth to the OL and push Thomas, Turner to a reserve role which isn't a horrible idea, ONLY if they pursue him.

This game is one to forget and many fans are up in arms after the loss, but remember, the first string offense and defense were lights out vs the Bears and that's what counts the most. It is concerning that the backups were absolutely horrid and that needs to be addressed quick. Injuries happen all the time and these guys need to step up. A reminder Dolphins camp preview will air on Sirius XM 88 starting at noon this Sunday. Be sure to tune in to get an in depth look and predictions from the Sirius team. 

Next game: 8/22 @ Panthers

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