Breaking News: Miko Grimes Arrested

Resident Loud Mouth and arrogant Jerk Miko Grimes (wife of Dolphins CB Brent Grimes) was arrested after the game today. The official word is Miko was arrested for battery against a police officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest with violence. The police department is saying Miko "headbutted an officer."Needless to say I am sure WQAM will "relieve her of her duties" tomorrow and let her go. If you have ever read Miko's twitter feed and listened to her on the radio it's no surprise that this outburst is possible as she is very colorful to say the least and has shown fits of rage on twitter and the radio.


  1. I'm not exactly sure why you are 'piling on'. I like Miko and enjoy her radio show. She's spunky. Plus, it would be nice if some Dolphins played with her attitude, instead of playing with the demeanor of their head coach.

  2. Not piling on. Just giving an opinion on a news item

  3. These guys do not know how to write nor do they know how to be a journalist, they have horrible people skills. Just look at all of there so called "reports" they like to claim stuff without having the sources to back it up. Its no wonder why they have been doing this for a long time and still have gone no where. There trash.


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