Conversation With a Friend

I had a conversation some time around the draft with a friend who is also a fellow Dolphins fan and a Joe Philbin supporter. I also expressed my opinion to a few other Dolphin fans who thought I was crazy. This particular conversation went like this....
ME: I really wish the Dolphins had fired Philbin and brought in Rex Ryan.
My Friend: Are you crazy? Ryan is not a good coach. He will never amount to anything in Buffalo. He'll be lucky to win 4 or 5 games.
ME: I don't think so. He had nothing to work with in New York.
My Friend: What has he done that's even worth considering?
ME: He did go to the AFC Championship game twice with Mark Sanchez.
My Friend: Yes, and what has he done lately?
ME: Not much, but like I said, he had nothing to work with.
My Friend: We'll be fine with Philbin. He's a good coach and we need to keep some continuity.
ME: Yes, that is what Ross says too, but Philbin is not a motivator, he doesn't inspire. Ryan does.
My Friend: (laughing) Well, we'll see.
ME: OK, so Ross wanted to keep Philbin for continuity sake, but he should have made one of the conditions that he replace Kevin Coyle. He is a horrible defensive coordinator.
My Friend: Coyle will be just fine. They signed Suh. That will take care of their run stopping problems.
ME: I think it takes more than just signing good players. You have to have good coaching too.
My Friend: The defensive line will be like a brick wall. You'll see.
This week my conversation with that same friend will be, if another former Dolphin (Jets head coach Todd Bowles) embarrasses the Dolphins on national TV, does Ross use the bye week to pull the plug on the Philbin era and do something to try and save the season?