Don't Hit the Panic Button

I have never seen the Miami Dolphins Universe so upset after a WIN! That's right, after a WIN. I don't know if the fan-base had unrealistic expectations or thought the Redskins were on par with St. Lucy's School for Girls leading up to Sunday's game but Dolphins fans are very upset with yesterday's win and I just don't get it.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and come back down to planet Earth and get a reality check. Let's just go over a few things that I think many of you have forgot or are forgetting in your fits of rage.

1) In the NFL you almost never see a team go on the road and blow out an opponent in their building. Yes, it happens but they are few and far between. And it's usually when an elite team travels to a team that is a dumpster fire and utter garbage. That wasn't the case yesterday. The Dolphins are a middle of the road AFC team and the Redskins aren't as bad as the media plays it up to be. Granted they aren't good, but they aren't 1 or 2 win season type bad. So the odds of Miami walking into Washington and winning by 30 or 40 was never realistic and never going to happen. If you honestly thought in your heart that was going to happen you might need to read this book, CLICK LINK

2) While it wasn't a complete game by any stretch, the Dolphins defense showed in the second half why they can be special in 2015. Yes, in the first half of the first game in September the Dolphins defense was horrid. They couldn't have stopped anybody and I can't make an excuse for that. But in the 2nd half guess what, the Dolphins defense showed up and shut down the Skins. They drew multiple holding penalties, they started playing run defense at a high level, they flew to the ball, and had many 3 and outs forcing the Skins to punt. Oh, and by the way the Redskins didn't score in the 2nd half. And last I check we kept score in points so that's all that matters.

3) One complaint that never seems to go away is anytime Tannehill throws a pass that isn't caught or is off the mark some fans just have a verbal outburst and fling their bodies into 3 year old temper tantrum mode. Folks, there isn't a QB in the league that doesn't miss on passes in games. This expectation of "perfection" that some folks hold Tannehill to has to stop. Yes he missed on a couple throws but lets also look at the o-line, it was beyond bad. PFF ranked the entire team and 3 of the bottom 4 players for the Dolphins yesterday in terms of "grades" were 3 starters on the o-line. Douglas, Thomas, and Albert. This game was no different than most Miami games the past 3 years; Tannehill getting hit hard, sacked, and throwing under constant pressure. The pocket was never clean. When that is the case the QB will struggle. That's not being a Tannehill apologist that's just being honest.

4) I am hearing people complaining Suh didn't do enough in his first game with the Fins.  I don't know what many Dolphins fans were thinking or expecting yesterday. Did they think a DT who has been double teamed since day 1 in the league was gonna have 10 tackles and 3 sacks? Cause if you did then boy you didn't understand the reason why Suh was signed. In the preseason yes the Dolphins d-line and Suh pushed teams around. Remember though those teams didn't gameplan at all, weren't cut blocking, and weren't running an offense like it was a real game. Newsflash: Yesterday was a real game and Washington was trying to win. So they cut block Suh, they ran the ball away from Suh, and they moved the pocket to avoid Suh at all costs. And for the 1st half it worked. It worked damn well.  Suh isn't God. Suh isn't a player who can't be blocked at all. Suh is human folks. He is a great player but for the love of god teams can implement a gameplan to reduce the effect he can have on games and that's what Washington did!

It was week 1 people and the Miami Dolphins won. Don't read too much into stuff or panic over certain things.It wasn't a perfect game, we all know that and there is a lot to fix. But anytime you win on the road in the NFL you take it and move on.