Keys to the game @ Redskins

1- Apply pressure: If our defense can cause a lot of pressure on Kirk Cousins he will be directed to throw the ball earlier than he wants and will make bad decisions.. Causing more pressure up front and will help the secondary and allow them to make plays.. Our defensive line should be able to overpower their offensive line in the trenches and win that battle by getting many pressures, qb hits, and sacks.

2-Spread the ball around: Tannehill has many weapons and he should use that to his advantage.. The Redskins won't be able to cover everyone, so Tannehill needs to use the match ups to his advantage and get everyone many targets. 

3- Get the Running game going: we should try get the running game going early and often if we can get respectable runs not only will it boost Lamar Millers confidence, but it will factor into good play action ability in the passing game.

4- Convert in the red zone: we can't afford to be kicking field goals, the offense needs to score touchdowns when in the red zone.. Jordan Cameron should be heavily used when in that area, he is a big target and need to use his size to our advantage.

5-Tackle: one thing I have seen the last couple years is our guys not being able to tackle one on one.. We need to get guys to the ground and fundamentally tackle well.. We can't afford having guys running after the catch or breaking the first tackle and continue to get yards or big gains.