2015 Season Predictions

The NFL Season is upon us so it's time to look into my Crystal Ball and make some 2015 Season Predictions with a few notes and comments for certain teams.

AFC East
1) New England--Still the class of the division. Hall of Fame Coach and QB always will find a way
2) Miami (Wild Card)--Probably a year away realistically. Moving in the right direction but lack of depth will prevent them from contending with the big boys.
3) Buffalo
4) NY Jets--Both the Jets and Bills will be in the RGIII Sweepstakes next offseason. Good luck with that!

AFC North
1) Pittsburgh--When the Bell and Bryant suspension are over they have the potential to have the best offense in the NFL
2) Cincy (Wild Card) -Sorta stuck in NFL purgatory. Good enough to sneak into the playoffs, but not good enough to do any damage in the playoffs.
3) Baltimore
4) Cleveland--2016 Browns might have Urban Meyer at coach and the #1 overall draft pick looking to land that franchise QB finally.

AFC South
1) Indy --If not for Luck this would be a 3 win team...maybe! Defense is horrible, offensive line is horrible, Gore and Andre Johnson are old. Luck is THAT good to make them a 12 or 13 win team though.
2) Houston
3) Jacksonville
4) Tennessee

AFC West
1) Denver -This will be Peyton Manning's last shot and final season I predict. Kubiak knows the value of a good running game. Denver will run the ball, protect Manning physically and keep him healthy for a deep playoff run. Denver's defense is very good too. Big time pass rush will cause fits for opponents.
2) San Diego
3) Kansas City--Maybe the most overrated team in the NFL. I just don't see it. They are average across the board. 
4) Oakland

NFC East
1) Dallas
2) Philly- 2015 will be Chip Kelly's last year with the Eagles. There will be an open SEC job with his name on it come January.
3) NY Giants
4) Washington

NFC North
1) Green Bay
2) Minnesota - Surprise team of 2015 as they could easily win 10 games or more. Bridgewater is legit. Peterson is back and the WR corp is sneaky good. Zimmer is a great guy and a good head coach.This team will surprise in 2015.
3) Detroit
4) Chicago

NFC South
1) New Orleans --Honestly I have no confidence in this pick or this entire division. You can make a case for any team in this division winning it and getting into the playoffs.  The entire division is horrible beyond belief. Probably will send another team with an under .500 record to the playoffs.
2) Atlanta
3) Carolina
4) Tampa Bay

NFC West
1) Seattle --If not for the bonehead playcall at the end of the Super Bowl this team would be going for a Three peat!
2) St.Louis (Wild Card) --NFC West is by far the best division in football. Both Wild Card's come from this division. Rams defense is legit.
3) Arizona (Wild Card)
4) San Fran --They will be fighting the Browns for the #1 overall pick in 2016.

AFC Championship Game: Denver over Pittsburgh
NFC Championship Game: Seattle over Dallas
SUPER BOWL: Seattle over Denver

NFL MVP: Andrew Luck
Super Bowl MVP: Russell Wilson
NFL Coach of the Year: Gary Kubiak
NFL Rookie of the Year: Amari Cooper