Things I Liked, Things I Didn't, Things To Look For Against The Jaguars

I couldn't wait to watch this game again.  Judging by both the media and fan reaction, I was sure that when I watched the game again, the Dolphins would lose. Good news, they didn't. I warned you about last week's game. It is difficult to win on the road, week 1 in the NFL. Don't think so, ask the Philadelphia Eagles how difficult it is.  It was ugly (as I predicted), but the Fins caused Kirk Cousins to turn the ball over (as I predicted), and the Fins pulled out a victory ( as I predicted!). Was that a playoff team we saw on the field, absolutely not, but it's alright, the playoffs don't start for 16 weeks.  There were lots of things to dislike about the Fins performance, but there were also a couple of good things if you looked hard enough (besides the W!).

Things I Liked:
  • Who picked rookie defensive tackle Jordan Phillips to get Miami's first sack of the season? Congrats to Phillips for his first career sack.
  • Nice picks by Brent Grimes & Brice McCain.
  • Jordan Cameron with a good debut as a Dolphin, that wheel route diving catch was pretty. 
  • Reshad Jones came to play.
  • Ryan Tannehill definitely has confidence in Rishard Mathews. Mathews ran a great route on the TD pass, but I was even more impressed when Thill went back to him on 3rd in 1 late in the 4th to extend a drive allowing the Fins to burn more time. 
  • Both coordinators need to at least get a little thumbs up for the adjustments they made at half. 
  • Biggest difference and possibly brightest spot from last year to this year. First downs to end the game. Miami got 2 first downs to run out the clock. Last year (last couple of years) Miami would have gone 3 and out. Or worse, turned the ball over. Last week they got first downs, including Lamar Miller getting 8 yards and an inch when it was 3rd and 8 to seal it.
Did I miss something?  You bet, but I am starting to get the feeling that Jarvis Landry is just going to be special and need his own section. Real special. Best WR in that draft special.  There are some possible stars that went before him,  but he just seems like the type of guy that when you need a play, he will deliver. He did last Sunday for sure.

Things I Didn't:

  • 5 offensive plays in any quarter isn't going to cut it. Neither is starting the game going 3 and out.
  • Same problem I harped on all of last season, the defense not being able to get off the field on 3rd down.
  • Damien Williams has to run harder, not just go down on first contact.
  • I warned you last week LaMike James had a fumbling problem. Feel safer that he has been LaCut. 
  • Offense stalling in Redskins territory. To get the ball on the Redskins 21 yard line and not get points, unacceptable. First and goal at the three, I run it 4 times and challenge the Redskins to stop me.  That crazy sack fumble should not happen to playoff teams with a $96 million dollar QB. 3 Trips inside of 25 yards and you produce 3 points is not winning football.
  • To give up 162 yards rushing after all the hype this offseason was demoralizing.
  • I expected (as did many) the defensive line to get more pressure on the QB, only  one sack was disappointing to say the least. 
I could nit pick the hell out of the Fins and have 20 things I didn't like, but that's the type of game I expected. The sky is not falling, yes the Fins did not look good, but a win is a win and that's what matters. Right now there are 16 teams that wish they looked horrible and won the game, what Miami has to do is correct their mistakes, grow, keep improving and keep winning.

Things To Look For Against the Jaguars:
  • Miami's defensive line should be angry. The Jaguars have given up at least 4 sacks in 8 consecutive games. I think the streak continues.
  • Look for Jared Odrick to be fired up and play a good game against his old teammates.
  • Jaguars rookie running back T.J. Yeldon had decent debut, 12 carries for 51 yards, and the Jags averaged over 4.6 yards per carry before they had to go pass happy to try and catch up. Look for them to try and pound the ball and keep it out of QB Blake Bortles hand's.
Another game that makes me a little squeamish. The Fins should win this one, but the Jags defense was able to control Cam Newton. The Fins offense will need to play better in this one, the running game has to be more effective, and Miami can't rely on the Jags defense dropping those Thill interceptions that the Skins dropped last week. In the end, I think the run defense improves, gives Bortles fits all day, and the Fins pull away at the end. Prediction: Dolphins 31 Jacksonville 13.

Everybody enjoy the game!