Things I Liked, Things I Didn't, Things To Look For Against The Bills

I got some egg on my face after last week's predictions, that's for sure. Who would have thought that Miami's defense could not register a sack. I definitely walked away from last weeks game with a totally different feeling about these Dolphins. I, like many, thought there was a huge media and fan overreaction about the Fins victory after week 1.  The sky was not falling. However, after last week's stinker against the Jags, I see bad things in this team's future. I am a homer, been a fan for longer than I would like to admit, but I see a scenario where the wheels come off quickly to the 2015 season. It was an unacceptable performance from top to bottom last week.  In my humble opinion Joe Philbin is coaching for his job over the next 2 weeks. Do I think he would be fired if Miami is 1-3 at the bye week? Probably not, but you can bet that Mike Tannebaum will already be putting out feelers on who might be interested. Watching this game again, I found very little to like, maybe I was jaded already knowing the outcome.

Things I Liked:
  • WR's Rishard Mathews and Jarvis Landry putting up 100+ receiving yards.
  • Congrats to TE Jake Stoneburner for his 1st NFL reception being a TD.
  • Chris McCain getting a hand on a 4th quarter punt, almost blocking it.
  • That's it!
I told you it was a short list. Look, there were some nice drives, but that's what they are supposed to do. There was plenty to dislike, I will try to keep it brief.

Things I Didn't:
  • Greg Jennings has got to catch passes. Ryan Tannehill went to him several times on 3rd down, they didn't convert any. If he can't be relied on to catch passes at key times in the game, then put someone else in. We supposedly are pretty deep at WR.
  • Speaking of which,  we did trade for WR Kenny Stills, right? Wouldn't really know after 2 games.
  • I think it's time to get  Koa Misi back in the middle, and Chris McCain to SLB. 
  • And when  Cameron Wake could not go, why not let McCain rush the passer? It's not like Derrick Shelby or Terence Fede were getting pressure.
  • The refs seemed to call lots of ticky tack penalties against the Fins.
  • The sequence at the end of the half was detrimental in determining the outcome. Bad time management I thought by the Fins. Bad miss by our rookie kicker. Bad penalty call by the refs, horrible spot by the refs. Six point swing, momentum with Jags at half.
  • Jared Odrick coming up with a big sack (something he never did while in Miami)
  • Olivier Vernon should know better then getting a ridiculous penalty. He has not been playing like it's a contract year.
  • The Dolphins continually start every game flat. 
I could go on and on about what I didn't , but I promised I would try to make it brief. I don't feel good about this week. Tackle Branden Albert looks like he is out, which makes the Bills D line that much more frightening. Our Tight End depth is horrible. Lamar Miller is banged up. Home opener or not, I don't like this game at all.

Things To Look For Against The Bills:
  • Charles Clay will want to replicate what Odrick  did last week and a have big game against his former team. Should be a good match up between him and Jelani Jenkins.
  • Expect Rex Ryan to confuse the Fins offensive lineman and bring pressure from all different places.
  • The Bills will run LeSean McCoy until Miami's defense can prove they can stop it. 
  • Mobile QB's have given the Dolphins fits in the past. 
  • The Bills WR's are by far the most talented the Fins have seen this young season. I expect the Fins to have problems.
  • The Bills defense got burned last week with lots of quick passes. Expect the Fins to try the same thing, expect the Bills to counter with having D lineman stop rushing and trying to bat down Tanehill passes. He gets a couple batted down every game, expect a few more.
Like I said, I walked away after last week's game with a totally different view. If the Fins come out flat, if they cannot generate any type of run game to at least keep the Bills defense honest, and get down early, they are in for a long day.  I think this one could be ugly. Prediction: Bills 27 Dolphins 12. Hope I'm wrong. Everyone enjoy the game!