Dolphins Interested in Sean Payton

ESPN and other various outlets are reporting that Saints Head Coach Sean Payton  is on the Dolphins (and various other teams) radar. Now, Payton is still under contract to the Saints for a few more years so if any team this offseason wants Payton they will have to part with draft picks.

While I would have zero problem with Payton as the Dolphins head coach I am not in favor of trading away any draft picks to get him.  But the clear sign this news sends is that Dan Campbell has zero shot of keeping this job after the season. This report and news leaking is a clear sign that the Dolphins front office wants a coach with a big name, a big reputation, and a big time track record of success.  Sure, in "Fantasy Land" if Campbell leads the Dolphins to the playoffs he will probably keep the job. But if you think the Dolphins are making the playoffs, well not sure how to break this to ya but I got some news about Santa Clause that you might want to sit down for.

It's not happening! Campbell is just a guy to coach the next 12 games then he will be sent on his way.  I am not sure if this Sean Payton story has any real legs but the one thing it does do is let you know the mind-set in Miami right now and what they are looking for at the end of the season.