My Prediction

I see writers and fans all over predicting a Dolphins victory today and I wonder why? What have they done to make people think they will pull out a victory today over the NY Jets? They can't run or stop the run. They have made mediocre quarterbacks look like All Pros. They can't block. They have coaches who seem clueless as to how to fix these problems. Why would anyone predict a Dolphin victory today?
Some are pointing to last year, saying this is a similar situation. In a way it is. Miami was 1-2 and had lost 2 in a row coming into the London game. The difference is Oakland was a weak team last year and the NY Jets are not. Todd Bowles (who was my choice to retain the job in 2012) has the Jets playing very well this year. Even last week when they were down big they fought back to make it a close game. The Dolphins have no such fight in them. They are not playing with fire or any sense of urgency.
The Jets play smash mouth football, similar to Buffalo, the kind of play Miami has trouble dealing with. In the end, the Jets come out on top:
NY Jets 27  Miami 10

Halftime Comments
The Dolphins are flat and playing uninspired football as I thought they would. Their lone score was set up by 2 long pass interference calls. If not for a couple of bad passes by Fitzgerald the score could be worse. The Dolphins offense can't do squat and the Dolphins defense is struggling to stop the Jets. Joe Philbin better have some magic up his sleeve because, if you believe some of the reports, his job could be on the line.