Coaching wish list and possible candidates

The honeymoon is all but over after multiple mistakes by Dan Campbell in Sunday's defeat to the Buffalo Bills. With Campbell's lack of experience, Tannenbaum and co will start doing their search shortly to see who may be available. Here is a list of potential candidates:

1. Urban Meyer (OSU)- his name has been popping up for years and his proven track record and coaching abilities may help this team grow. Albeit a long shot, don't be surprised if a phone call is made to Ohio State requesting to speak with him.

2. Sean Payton (Saints)- there is no secret the turmoil over who is running the show down in New Orleans. With Brees having 30 million against the cap and lack of defense, Payton has an out. The news dropped in recent weeks that he is open to different jobs if he chooses to leave. Miami may be on his short list.

3. Chuck Pagano (Colts)- another coach with turmoil and on a lane duck one year deal, Pagano has ignited the Colts resurgence over the last four years. He didn't receive an extension and he doesn't get along with the front office from what's been reported. He may be available at seasons end.

4. Les Miles (LSU)- yes, history states hiring a coach away from LSU hasn't been ideal, but this guy can coach. He brings passion and enthusiasm to the side lines. As long as he leaves Cam Cameron in LSU, he may be a great hire but may be a long shot as well.

5. Jim Schwartz- here is a very likely candidate to be brought in. His defenses have always been outstanding and he was Suh's coach in Detroit. He would need to bring in a very good OC since his downfall has always been having great defenses and little to no offense in his tenures.

The usual suspects (Gruden and Cowher) will come up when the season ends but don't hinge any bets on either leaving their current jobs. Unless a blank check is handed to either of them, don't get your hopes up. The more realistic possibilities are in the list above, granted a few I listed may be long shots as well. An experienced head coach is needed. The coordinator route since 2007 is over. I put this on Stephen Ross to bring in the best guy for the job, that has coaching experience and a proven track record for results.