Rants Before Kickoff, Hue Jackson Moves Up

In reality the Dallas game was a microcosm of the Dolphins franchise for as long as I can remember, but not to age myself too much, at least the Joe Philbin/Dan Campbell era. Think about it, playoff implications on the line, coming back home, after a win, playing against a beatable team . . . and the Dolphins self-destruct.  Jay Ajayi gains 18 yards, 1st and 10 on the 28, called back by a Jason Fox holding penalty; 2 plays later Ryan Tannehill throws a pick 6.  Olivier Vernon sacks Tony Romo on 3rd and 8, pinning the Cowboys inside their own 5-yard line, but a ridiculous penalty on corner back Jamar Taylor, gives the Boys an automatic first down.  What ensues, the Fins defense can’t get off the field, and it’s 14-0.  Lamar Miller carried the ball the first two snaps of the game, first one went for 12 yards, the second carry for 9 yards; so Lamar Miller got 5 more carries for the entire game? Inopportune penalties, Ryan Tannehill turnover, defense can’t get off the field especially on 3rd down, abandoning the run – sure this debacle happened last week, but couldn’t that exact description be used for games in 2014 or 2013 or for more than most games over the past 15 years? It is time for a change.

Miami Dolphins New Head Coach Rankings:

1)   Hue Jackson – He moved ahead of Dan Campbell this week because Campbell needs the Dolphins to finish with a winning record to get the permanent gig. This week stories came out that the Front Office and coaching staff disagrees on Ryan Tannehill’s ceiling; this almost paves the way for Jackson.  If he can make Andy Dalton almost seem like a franchise QB, maybe he can work the same magic with RT. Plus I think Jackson could bring Jim Schwartz in as defensive coordinator.  This would be the dream scenario
2)   Dan Campbell – He moves  down a spot. Just like I said last week, if he wins, he stays, if he makes the playoffs he definitely stays. Both prospects are quickly slipping.
3)   Sean Payton – This is a popular name attached to the Dolphins. It checks all the boxes. The media meme with Steve Ross is he will want a big name.  You could easily replace Peyton’s name with Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher.  I don’t like any of them. Please name me the successful Head Coach that took his 2nd team to the Super Bowl after coaching for a decade somewhere else? The Dolphins have been down that road with Jimmy Johnson, it rarely works.  And usually leaves you looking for another Head Coach within 4 years.  Even worse, Payton may cost you draft picks.
4)   Dirk Koetter – He has been able to get the most out of his rookie QB and has resurrected Doug Martin’s career, he should get some sniffs for a Head Coaching gig. His recent comments about analytics will hurt him with teams that are spending more and more on it these days.

Everyone try and enjoy the game.