Rants Before Kickoff, Waiting For The Hue Jackson Watch To Begin

It has certainly been a roller coaster ride for Dolfans the last 5 weeks. The reality of a once promising season came crashing down but was given life support with the firing of Joe Philbin and the hiring of interim HC Dan Campbell.  Though history was against Campbell’s success, it seemed at first that enthusiasm and competition was enough to breath life back into the 2015 season. But then reality struck, sure Campbell may be enough to get the Fins to beat teams they should, (which was obviously missing against the Jags) however not enough to compete with the better teams. His inexperience in time management has been costly, and the play calling still questionable.  The Miami Dolphins are still the same organization they have been for the last 12+ seasons.  Bad. It’s not easy for me to write this.  I have always put my faith in the organization and supported their moves believing in the process. I’ve been a homer. It hasn’t worked. After watching the whipping by the Bills last week I had to admit several obviously sad things to myself, and Campbell not being the answer is certainly one of them. But that’s not the only one.

The talent level is not there.  The team is not close. (Whew! It feels better to say it out loud.)  General Manager Dennis Hickey has made some good picks, but has still left many areas void of talent.  I am not ready to jump off the DeVante Parker bandwagon, but with Landry, Mathews, and Stills already on the roster, was WR the best pick in round #1? A trade back while obtaining other assets, especially since the Fins were missing there 3rd round pick from the Stills trade would have made more sense. Was Jordan Philips the best selection in round #2 since we had already signed Ndamukong Suh and Earl Mitchell the last 2 off seasons and had plenty of promising youngsters on the roster? Maybe a middle linebacker would have been nice. To go into the season with Louis Delmas as part of any safety solution was ludicrous. Glaring needs at guard and cornerback were essentially ignored or at best were afterthoughts.  But there’s more.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is not the answer.  Miami Dolphin fans so wanted him to be. We believed the hype. We convinced ourselves of the improvement because the numbers got better, but the results have not.  He still wilts under pressure. He has a horrible record against AFC East opponents and a losing record overall.  Dolfans need to ask themselves, do they feel confident in Tannehill steering a 4th quarter comeback drive when you need it the most? The answer is no. The Fins should look to cut bait on him and his contract as soon as they can.

So what are Miami Dolphins fans to do for the 2nd half of the season? Hopefully look forward to seeing some of the young guys play and see what we have to build around. Running back Jay Ajayi looks like he might be getting more carries. Philips might be getting more snaps. I like that linebacker Mike Hull was signed off the practice squad, realizing it is a mostly short term/special teams move because Spencer Paysinger did not travel with the team. Though I would not mind seeing him play some middle linebacker. Bobby McCain might be getting more playing time at cornerback. Chris McCain is finally active, lets see what he has. What else?  The Hue Jackson watch begins. I strongly believe Jackson is the front-runner for the job. I believe that is whom Mike Tannebaum wants and whom he will target.  I would not be shocked if the deal gets done while the Bengals are on their bye week during wildcard week.  More on my Hue Jackson belief later, until then get what you can from every game.



  1. Just curious what your plan is for QB. Do you have a QB in mind that can take the beating Tannehill has and do better? The great Andy Luck has taken a beating this year and look where he is. How good would any QB be behind our offensive line?

  2. Great question. Honestly, I don't have QB in mind, but that should not stop the franchise from searching. The way I look at it, Right now there are only a handful of teams that can really say they have "their" guy at QB. That guy that they believe without a doubt can lead them to a Super Bowl Victory. Patriots obviously do. I would say the Packers (Rodgers), Panthers (Newton), Seahawks (Wilson), and Colts(Luck) probably also believe they have that guy. Everyone else either hopes their guy is good enough or is looking for that guy. In my mind Tannehill is not that guy. Good enough to possibly get you to the playoffs, but not good enough to lead you to the Super Bowl. The Fins need to keep looking.


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