The offense and Ryan Tannehill

As we get ready to close the book on a very disappointing season, the Miami Dolphins announced today that they have fired offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. While there were strides made last season, the 2015 products has been nothing short of disastrous. The Dolphins averaged under Lazor in 2014 24.3 points per game (11th in NFL). They were also 17th in passing at 233.1 yards per game and 12th in rushing at 117 yards per game. With tons of optimism coming into this season, the offense has fallen flat. With the team not addressing their offensive line woes, the a Dolphins sputtered to a 1-3 start which led to the firing of Joe Philbin. Dan Cambell hired Al Saunders to assist Lazor with the offense but the offense has continued to fall off, even after putting up 82 points the two games following the bye week. Currently, the offense is ranked 17th in pass yards per game at 244 and 27th in rushing at 91.7 yards per game.

Based on these stats alone, called for all the changes to be made. The rush yards per game being down 26 yards year over year is troublesome. Granted, the Dolphins have been in a hole every game but two this season, has forced more passing and less running. But it seems that the run was abandoned after only a few attempts. For example, the Dolphins had Lamar Miller rush for 20 yards on the opening drive and go for not much there after. They fell down 7-0 and felt the need to pass. With the lack of rushing, the offense has become one dimensional and has allowed opposing defenses to get after the weakest link on the team, the offensive line.

While we can blame the woes to horrible play calling, the franchise QB, Ryan Tannehill also needs to be held accountable. I tweeted a quote from Armando Salguero this morning, showing a quote from Ryan Tannehill regarding the offense. It seems based on this quote, the offense is just going through the motions. There is a possibility, that the team tuned out Bill Lazor. Ryan Tannehill, at times, seem to just shake his head at the putrid protection up front. When Pouncey went down against the Jets, 70% of Jamil Douglas' snaps were at his feet, causing disruption with the timing routes. Receivers also have had no separation. The quick hitting plays are getting read by opposing defenses regularly. There is nothing dynamic about the play calling when opposing teams are stuffing the quick routes and zone read runs. Play calling has been horrible, execution has been worse.

Now we come to the main part of the offense. The quarterback. Ryan Tannehill is signed through 2021 but with team options beginning in 2017. So Tannehill has at least one more year under center, with his fourth OC beginning in 2016 and his third HC. Let's take s look deeper at his stats through week 12:

Ryan Tannehill stats through 12 weeks:

7th in yards passing (2,991)
9th in yards per game (271.9)
T-24th yards per attempt (7.2)
9th in TDs (20)
T-7th INT (11)
8th in 20+ pass plays (41)
T-2nd in 40+ pass plays (13)
4th in sacks (33)
26th in passer rating (88.7)

While we look at these stats and see some progression in his long ball, which have become dimes compared to the severe over throws and under throws we we're accustomed to. The sacks continue to kill this team. Miami is also under 30% on third downs for the season. This can be placed on Tannehill but let's consider the OL play has not helped. Look at the situations for a majority of their third downs. I wish I could tell you what their average third down yardage has been for the season, but they have to average 7-10 yards per third down play. Miami has become one of the more penalized teams and their offense line is dead last again. While we can always blame the QB for the woes, the front office lack of providing even mediocre protection for Tannehill has caused a majority of the problems on offense this year.

Tannehill is our QB, through 2016 at least. But his career will be defined by the front office decisions this off season. What HC will be in place? What system will be run by this HC/OC? What changes will be made to shore up the OL, CB and LB? The team has talent. With Suh, Reshad Jones, Jarvis Landry, Devante Parker(flashed his potential yesterday), the team has some top end talent. They need to get better back ups and better starters at core areas. With five weeks left, more questions than answers continue to be the theme for this team, and we have a long off season to look forward to. It will start with the changes at the top, let's see if Ross really wants a winner.