Week 10 preview: Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles

Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles
Kickoff 1:00pm
Announcers: Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon

After another disappointing AFC East game, the Dolphins try to rebound on the road again.. This time against the Eagles.

Many Dolphins fans, including myself, believed the season was turned around after the bye week. However, that was quickly turned around on back to back divisional losses, for the second time this season. The same issues keep popping up. Poor OL play, lack of establishing the run and lack of stopping opposing teams from running. This weeks match up poses another problem. While Bradford isn't a world beater, the Eagles offense has been clicking. With Murray starting to come around and Ryan Matthews adding an additional punch, it's hard to see Miami winning this game. However, any given week can have one team beating another. Here are the keys to victory for Miami:

1. Run, run and run- the Dolphins find themselves in a hole early most of the season which doesn't allow the ground game to get established. The wrinkles that Miami ran last week against Buffalo need to continue, to keep the Eagles guessing where the ball is going. Adding Ajayi into the line up gives Miami a bruising back with the ability to break a big play. Expect Miami to get both Miller and Ajayi early with runs and passes out of the back field

2. Stop the run- this theme is week in and week out. This game will hinge on Suh and co to force Bradford into third and long. Bradford (10 TD, 10 INT) has been inconsistent. The Eagles recent success is due to a ground and pound offense, picking up big chunks which has been allowing for better play action passes. Miami needs to force Bradford into mistakes to give them a chance, but it starts up front.

3. Air it out- Tannehill has found success in recent weeks in getting the ball down field. With the Eagles secondary giving up big plays, Tannehill and the Receivers need to open up holes for the running game. Landry, Stills and Matthews need to get YAC to keep the Eagles reeling.

4. Protect the QB- the above only works if the OL can give Tannehill time. Sacks have been major drive killers. If they can give Tannehill time to go through progressions, the offense will click as it did versus Houston and Tennessee. The Eagles have a monster in Trent Cole and he will be a headache up front if he gets established early and often in the Phins backfield.

Prediction: while this is a game with similar schemes offensively, the Eagles have been running it better. Until Miami can prove to establish the run and stop it, we, as fans, may be in for another long week

Eagles 24 Dolphins 20